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Hi I'm Michael Chen

I was born and raised in China. Now I live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada. I like to make new friends. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Four years ago I came to Vancouver as an immigrant. I was born and raised in China. Before my immigration, I have been living in China for over thirty years. I finished my college education in China. Canada is a brand new country to me. There are a variety of nature beauty and good climate in British Columbia. So I decided to stay in Vancouver. In a new place, it is usually not easy to adapt to the local environment. Furthermore, I have no relatives and friends here. In the beginning, I did meet some difficulties in finding jobs, learning English and making new friends. I am single. My parents are still living in China. I would love to meet more new friends in Canada. So I will not feel lonely when I live alone here. Fortunately, I meet the Missionaries of the Church. The brothers and sisters from the Church are nice. I make many friends in various Church-related activities. I am intereted in lots of activities. In terms of sports, I like table tennis, badminton, soccer, cycling, running, snowboard skiing, frisbee. It is wonderful to play physical games. You can both keep fit and enjoy the pleasure of staying with friends. Additionally, in my leisure time, I read books, newspapers, and magazines. I listen music, like light music and popular songs. Movies, video games, dancing, cooking are also my favorite things to do. To make life better, I plan to continue my part-time program in a post-secondary school. Meanwhile I will go to work to support myself.

Why I am a Mormon

Before I came to Canada, I had not any religious background. In my family, only my mother goes to the Christian church. She believes that our heavenly father loves each one of us. People in the church listen to the words of God and do good things. Therefore, she encourages me to go to the church after I go to Canada. At that time I am not interested in religion. I know little about the Bible and Jesus Christ. When I started my new life in Vancouver, I was busy making a living and planning my future. During my first year after landing, I spent most time in looking for jobs and working. Though I had a few Gospel lessons with the Missionaries and visited the Church once, I did not develop a deeper understanding about the Gospel. Due to my full time job, I would like to stay at home to rest on weekend. Later I was laid off and got the government Employment Insurance. It was a good time to back to school. However when I was preparing to apply for the school entrance, something unexpected happened. I did not know how to handle the situation. Suddenly I felt helpless and pessimistic about the future. At that moment, I remembered the Church and missionaries. I contacted them and talked to them about my situation. They were pretty glad to give me a hand. They helped me know more about the heavenly father's salvation plan and the book of Mormon. Under the teaching of missionaries, I started reading the scriptures carefully. Then I paryed to the heavenly father to let me know if the book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith is the prophet. I could feel a special peace in my heart after the prayer. I also regain the confidence on the future life. This change is my testimony on the Gospels and Jesus Christ. I decided to baptise and became a member of the church.

How I live my faith

Since my baptism I did my best to follow the commitment. I attended the Sacrament gathering in the church on Sunday. When there is a chance, I will share my testimonies with brothers and sisters. In this way we can consolidate our testimonies and raise our faith. At home I read the Scriptures, church magazines and watch the video clips on church website. I want to know the messages from our prophets on time. As a brother with priesthood, I received several callings from the church. First, I am the executive secretary of the ward. I help our bishop to handle the ward affairs. It is a good opportunity to serve the brothers and sisters in the ward. Second, I am a stake missionary. I help the missionaries with teaching investigators gospel lesson. That teaching experience benefit me a lot. I meet many new friends at my age. All of them are Chinese. I share my stories with them and participate various activities together. Like church Sunday gathering, pot luck party, sport activities. Third, I am a teacher of home visit. As the representative of our savior Jesus Christ, I go to talk to families of the church members. They can learn the latest message from the church presidency. Also I will give them necessary assistance if they have any difficulty in real life. Therefore, the families are consolidated. I show my love toward others through my behaviours. I keep Jesus Christ as my model in living my faith.