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Hi I'm Matthew

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am much like you: a son, a brother, a husband, a father. I have supported myself and my family by digging ditches, deconstructing bathrooms, taking radiographs and working in healthcare administration. I spent almost ten years in the U.S. Navy, commissioned as an officer in the Medical Service Corps, and was pleased to serve with some of the finest individuals I have ever met. I love athletics and have played and coached baseball, volleyball and basketball. I would rather watch an athletic event than any movie or television show; although recently, my family has volunteered me to perform under the lights at local community theaters which I have enjoyed immensely due to the wonderful people I have met and because I get to spend even more time with my family. I also volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America, in the past as a scoutmaster and presently as a troop committee member, and I continue to find a great deal of satisfaction by working alongside men and women who guide our younger brothers along their own path. My wife and I enjoy glimpsing cultures from around the world and from over our back fence. Fortunately, she has a wonderful talent for languages and is fluent in Mandarin and is capable in Spanish so I enjoy traveling with her as we gather new friends and experiences. Lately I have found satisfaction in the artistic outlet of photography and as our children become more independent we plan to explore these interests further. About me? I'm much like you.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe that through gradually and consistently learning and practicing the principles taught by the church that the Lord has blessed me with a firm witness that our Heavenly Father lives, that His son, Jesus Christ, is the Savior of the world and that the Holy Ghost continues to guide me so that I will return to live with our Father in Heaven again. It has always fascinated me how all of our Christian faiths interpret the teachings of the Bible. It does not seem likely to me that a God of order and consistency would condone a multiplicity of conflicting beliefs pertaining to His nature or in the manner and means for our return path to Him. I believe that by following the testimonies found within the Bible along with the other testimony contained within the Book of Mormon and the continuing testaments of our current prophet and apostles of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that we will indeed come to a unity of the faith and truly come to know the full measure and stature of The Christ and of His Father. I continue to study the scriptures and ponder how the word of God relates to me. I continue to repent and plead for greater strength to be more like Him. It seems to me that my re-birth is a slow continuing process. Every day as I refocus and recommit myself to submit my will to His I find greater happiness and satisfaction. I know that through our Savior’s atonement, which was planned in the beginning; enabled through His condescending mortal birth and His perfect life; culminated in His cherished Garden; finished as He agonizingly, and ultimately alone, gave up His life on the cross; and gloriously climaxed on the morning of the third day when He took up His now perfected body, that I will live again and break the chains of death. Furthermore, as I humbly obey His will, I am released from the bondage of my sins and also freed from the slavery of the painful consequences of the actions of other’s. Why am I a Mormon? Because I love our Savior Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

My mother has been a member of the church all of her life and some of her ancestors were among the first members of the church and were numbered with the pioneers who were forced to leave the United States and settle in the mountains of Utah. In contrast, my father joined the church shortly before I was born so I have been a member of the church all of my life. Although I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints all of my life I have always lived in areas where members of the church were in the minority. For example; in my High School graduating class there were only three and I have seldom worked where there were more than a handful who were members of the church yet I have been very fortunate that my friends have always supported my desire to live according to the principles of the church. As you may know none of the leaders of the church are paid for their service. We have a lay ministry so over the years you may have found me teaching an early morning scripture study class to High School students before they went to school and before I went to work, or you could have joined me in the evening after work as I advised a youth group who met once a week to socialize, provide service or participate in scouting activities. At other times of my life you might have sat in a Sunday School Class while I led a discussion about the scriptures or seen me behind the pulpit as I conducted the business and introduced speakers during our weekly worship service. Likewise you may have heard me actually give a sermon about our savior when I was asked to speak. Currently I counsel with other men and women who advise the ecclesiastical leaders of several of the local congregations regarding what we can do to strengthen the faith of young women in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and to receive, recognize and rely on the promptings of the Holy Ghost. How do I live my faith? By trying to understand His will and trying to be of service to His children.