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Hi I'm Bryan

I'm a student of Math and Economics. I believe that people can make a difference in the world. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently pursuing a graduate degree in economics. I enjoy playing most sports, dancing, and reading about all kinds of interesting things. I love music: listening to all of its varieties, playing various instruments, singing, and especially composing. I consider myself a nerd in many areas: science, religion, and politics being the first that come to mind. I am very interested in the problems that society faces today and how we address those problems. I therefore see community and political involvement to be of great importance as the world continues to move forward. With the solid foundation the Gospel of Christ provides, I can seek out good answers to these questions, use technology to improve life for me and my family, and seek for the good in the world around me.

Why I am a Mormon

There came a time in my life when I was prepared to go in any direction. I was raised attending this church, and I adhered to its precepts, but at that point I was prepared to leave my family and everything that I found familiar and comfortable to follow truth, wherever it may be found. That is a very interesting and intimidating position to be in. But I felt that life had to have purpose, and that knowing the conditions by which intelligent life existed would lend insight into how I should conduct my life. I had studied and contemplated all major religions, as well as many minor ones that I came across. I had thought through the logic of their doctrine and implications of their theology. In a moment of preparation, and indeed in many such unrecognized moments preceding and following it, where I was ready to accept whatever was true, I recieved my witness from God (with whom I had already become acquainted in life) that this church was indeed led by His prophet, and its precepts and principles described the truth of our life and purpose here on earth. This was more than a warm fuzzy feeling, but was a knowledge, imprinted into my soul by the Holy Ghost. I knew that it was all real, not just guessed that it was right by the correlation of joyful feelings with Gospel subjects. And with that knowledge, I must act in accordance to the truth. That is why I have chosen to be a Mormon,

How I live my faith

I love to serve others. It is hardly a token donation to my God, but one I willingly offer. I have been given peace, joy and purpose in life through the redemption of Christ, and with such a gift known by me, it is only the least that I can do to serve Him with all that I am by serving those around me. Though I am surely imperfect at such, I still try to comfort those who look weary and help those who are in need. If nothing else, I can at least by cheery and strive to be a good influence on those with whom I come in contact. Besides community and spontaneous service that is so enjoyable to render, I also spend time serving in various capacities within the church. Most recently, I served as an executive secretary to the bishop, or pastor, of my congregation, helping him to organize and carry out all of his interviews and meetings with various church members. The bishop spends a great deal of extra time, besides his normal job, to guide the congregation and provide counsel and help to those with various challenges and needs. Another way in which I live my faith is by the influences that I permit about me. There is so much that is degrading, filthy, and wasteful, trying to pass itself off as entertainment and insisting itself to have a place in your home. Though we may not readily notice it, we are strongly influenced in thought, and consequently action, by that with which we surround ourselves. By removing vulgar, profane, and lesser material from my entertainment choices, I have found that I have more peace, that I think better of others, I am slower to judge, quicker to help, and more considerate. I think at a higher plane, rather than bog myself down in the mire of cheap entertainment, wallowing in my own poor choices and drinking in the unstated, yet acutely defined assumptions such mediocrity brings, attempting to color my view. I choose to partake in things which build up, strengthen, and inspire people, and that is what i likewise endeavor to do.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

What a fantastic question to pose. Could you really believe that there is a modern day Moses, speaking with God and walking with us here as a normal man? Absolutely. We get so comfortable with the common that we can often miss the divine. We wouldn't expect there to be a prophet when the last one we heard about was thousands of years ago. God has always spoken to his children through prophets. The prophet serves as a divinely inspired guide and leader, but he also serves as the Lord's mouthpiece, speaking to all the Earth what God would reveal to us. We can communicate with God individually through prayer, and receive answers through the Holy Spirit of God, but a prophet fulfills a very necessary and different role. That is why God called prophets today. The role of a prophet to establish truth and declare the word of the Lord was sorely missed from the Earth, but has once again been restored. God does not leave us alone, neither personally nor collectively. And he has once again reached out to us, even in our modern and tech savvy day, and called and established a prophet. I invite you to learn for yourself if this fantastic and compelling proposition could be true. I testify that it is. Show more Show less