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Hi I'm Roark

I grew up in the west and I now live in Florida which is a weird and beautiful place.

About Me

I'm married to a wonderful woman who teaches at a local college. We have two children, a son18 and a daughter 16. They seem pretty OK as well. I am a trained health and safety professional but am taking classes in Forensic science and hoping to work in that field. I cook and cater when I am not working on safety and environmental jobs. I have hitch hiked across the country and Europe, written short fiction (I'm currently working on a children's story), worked in underground hard rock mining, studied literature, and once used my Volkswagen Beetle engine as a Christmas decoration. I love to travel, spend time with my family, read, watch a good movie, cook, take classes and learn new things.

Why I am a Mormon

Jarrett is my second wife. When I divorced the kids' mom, I wanted to find an anchor for us that would give me a positive social environment and provide my children with an understanding of scripture since so much literature is influenced by Judeo-Christian theology. I was raised in a nominal LDS home but had not attended church in 24 years, attending very little priuor to that, recalling almost nothing. I was studying scripture with several groups from different faiths (I was a practicing Episcopalian), but none of it rang true to me except the LDS theology as enunciated in dialogues I was having with a very dear man, Claron Spencer, the Mission President. I tested it intellectually and spiritually and received a positive answer. The answer was so joyful and wonderful that I committed to the faith immediately and have never looked back.

How I live my faith

I attend Weekly services at the Third Ward in Tallahassee, Florida. We're located on Thomasville Road. I am currently serving as Scoutmaster so I meet with my guys on Tuesday evenings and we haggle over playing basketball or working on merit badges. I live my faith mostly though through prayer, devotion to my family and fellow man, and my desire to overcome myself. I'm not perfect (not even in the shadow of the ballpark), but I am trying, and I hope to learn more and be able to do more.

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

This one has both a religious and intellectual answer for me. A study of Anthropology shows us that societies have divisions of labor wherein tasks are often gender specific. Really, the modern family, which allows for less of a division of labor, is a deviation from the historical norm, and what appears to be the natural norm when looking at various ethnographies of hunter gatherer societies I'm thinking of Siskind's "To Hunt in the Morning" as an example. Whereas both sexes should work together in all things, assigning a lead role in one task or another is hardly uncommon or unusal. The priesthood is associated with spiritual leadership, but not spiritual domination. That is to say, while men hold the priesthood, they cannot exercise it outside of living righteously and serving others. It gives no promise of spiritual betterment over any other being or over women generally. In my personal opinion and this is not Church Doctrine, I think that since women have the ability to bring forth children, men have the priesthood. Of the two, child birth is likely the more important, and more spiritually rewarding, gift.   Show more Show less