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Hi I'm Jared

I'm Dutch, I study physics and I am a latter-day saint.

About Me

Well I'm a physics student so I try to achieve a greater understanding in the laws that regulate the universe. I am specifically interested in the fields of Biophysics and nano-fabrication. I like to spend time with family or friends. I love reading (especially books about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, the classics or book from the fantasy/science fiction/historical novel genres), playing board games, ballroom dancing, listening to all sorts of music (but lately I've been listening to a lot of jazz and classical music), taking a walk, and swimming. Last but not least I just love all kinds of nerd/geek stuff, for example I made a reprap 3D printer, rooted and flashed all my android devices, love Linux etc.

Why I am a Mormon

Shortly put I'm a latter-day Saint because I know that it's God's only true church on earth. Over the years of being a member of the church time and again I have felt the confirming witness of the Holy Spirit of God telling me that the things that I learned were true, that they really came from my Heavenly Father. Because of that I know that God lives and that He really is our Father in Heaven and that he loves us. Something that helped me to come to know these things is the book of Mormon. The book of Mormon is a book of scripture that tells us about Gods work with the people that lived in the Americas a long time ago. At the end of this book God gives every one a promise that if you will read the Book of Mormon and think about it's teaching and then sincerely pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ and ask Him if it is not true, that He will let you know that what you have read was really send by Him. He will do this through the Holy Ghost by good feelings of peace, comfort and joy that will come into your heart and mind . I followed this invitation and received the promised answer to my prayers. Because of these and other witnesses I received I can say that I know that Jesus Christ is the savior of all mankind, that He has payed the price of our sins and that He knows our feelings and has felt our pains and sorrows. He has restored his original church and teachings back to earth to help us overcome our weaknesses and receive His peace

How I live my faith

I try to be a better, more kind, loving, helping and patient, or in other words a more Christlike person every day. Although that is easier said than done, I know that with my Heavenly Fathers help it is possible. Everyday I receive strength and motivation through frequent prayer and by studying the words of Christ in the scriptures, spoken by Himself or by His prophets, past and present. On Sunday's I go to church and have been able to serve in several callings (volunteer position) within it's organisation over the last couple years. I used to teach the class for children age's 8-11 during one of the three hours in Church every Sunday. I coordinated the organisation of a Youth Camp for the dutch language youth from the Netherlands and Belgium aged 14-18 in 2012. Currently I serve as a Secretary in the bishopric(the local leadership of the Church) and I have been given the opportunity to lead the organisation of the Young Single Adult Summer Conference (aged 18-30) of 2014. Almost every Friday afternoon I spend time in the Temple to do vicarious work for my deceased ancestors. The two years before I started studying physics I spend as a volunteer missionary for the Church in the wonderful country of Suriname. In everyday life I try to be helpful and considerate of the people around me although I won't excuse my self for my faith. I'm also an organ donor and a blood donor because I believe that it's good to help others in any way you can whether it is something big or small.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

First of all I have to tell you that I have been on a mission myself, and as a missionary I had three main reasons why I wanted to share the gospel with everyone and I think these reasons are about the same for most missionaries. First of all because I love the gospel and the Lord Jesus Christ, Second because Christ asks those that follow Him to share His message and Third because I want everyone to come back to Heavenly Father and live with Him and their families in a state of never-ending happiness. Just like with everything you really like (e.g a movie, a game, a cake) you'll want to share it! this is the same with the Restored Gospel when people get to know it and apply it in their life it gives so much joy and happiness that you will want to share this with others so they will be able to experience this as well. Because Heavenly Father Loves all of his children and He wants them to be happy he has given us the gospel, which is also called the plan of happiness. Not everyone in the world already knows and/or lives this plan thus God has asked those that follow Him to share His plan with everyone. This plan contains a set laws,"rules" or instructions which we need to follow to receive the highest degree of happiness in and after this life. Because Mormon Missionaries love their fellowman they want to help every one to get know what they need to do to receive these blessings. Show more Show less