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Hi I'm Linzi

I love to write and I love taking photos of beautiful things. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Those that know me best most often attach the words "free-spirit" to my name. I love art and creating. I love this life and this beautiful world, and especially the people that live upon it. I love learning about perspective and customs, and how best to help the people that I meet to have an opportunity at a better life. That's why I studied and received my B.S. in Anthropology, particularly medical and cultural anthropology. I've traveled the world, and in every corner I've been a guest, I have met individuals that I consider to be my family. I love getting to know people, and appreciate their views of the world, and how they help me better my own. My favorite part about life, though, is the day-to-day scene. I am a wife, and I am mother to a beautiful 1 year old little boy. I adore and love my boys with all of my heart. They are my sunshine.

Why I am a Mormon

As a child I could feel that I had a Father in Heaven that loved me and blessed me. But, as a little girl, I desired more. I wanted to know with all of my heart that this is the church of that loving Father in Heaven I felt was so near. I began praying earnestly for this testimony. That receiving answer has always been continual and progressive as I've grown in understanding. When I pray, I feel a feeling of peace in the very depths of my soul, a calmness that I only feel when I'm speaking with God. In these daily prayers, I am brought to a reflection of my life, and therein see the daily blessings that I am given because I am trying my best to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. My testimonial experience isn't exceptional, but it is miraculous and wonderful to me. I have studied the words of Christ that have been recorded throughout all ages - including the Book of Mormon - and felt of the goodness of God. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I have prayed about it, and through the whisperings of the Spirit, I have felt of it's divine truthfulness. It contains truths that expound His eternal plan for us. I especially love reading about those that walked and talked with Christ because I can feel of their love and devotion for Him. And I add my faith to theirs! I know that God is a loving Father in Heaven, who desires us to be eternally happy. God sent His Beloved Son to Atone for the sins of the world - for you and me! And out of love, Christ lived perfectly, suffered for our sins, hung upon the cross, and then rose in triumphant glory that we might all rise. Because Christ did this for us, He understands us completely - he knows the injustices, the pain, the trials, and even the joy that we all feel. He can comfort us perfectly. We are never alone in Him. My testimony means so much to me. It gives me strength and blesses me with a perspective that extends beyond my own understanding. I love this gospel, and I love my Savior!

How I live my faith

When we are baptized, we make a promise with our Savior that we will always remember Him, keep His commandments, and always have His Spirit to be with us. By striving to live and keep this promise, I realize that I am not just living for myself. I have a purpose, a role to fill, here on this earth. As I do my best to be the woman, wife, mother, child, sister, and friend that Father in Heaven desires me to be, I am given eyes that see beyond my own and hands that can do more than my own. That is how I try to live my faith - by being a helper and nurturer to those around me. I live it by searching out opportunities to show the compassion and love of our Savior, and trying to ease the burdens of life in whatever form I am able in any of the roles I have been called to fill. I find so much joy in this! I feel so strongly of the love of my Savior and I hope with all of my heart that I can extend that love to others.

Is it true that Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection according to the Book of Mormon?

Yes! It's true! It is actually one of my favorite historical stories in the Book of Mormon, and here's why: The Book of Mormon contains further witnesses, both spiritual and physical, of Christ's dealings with his people. Just as in the New Testament, where we have a record of his physical interactions with man - His many miracles, His teachings, and the sacred record of His fulfillment of the Atonement - so to does the Book of Mormon. In John 10:16, Christ teaches that he has "other sheep" that He must also bring into his fold. We believe that one fold of his "other sheep" were living on the Ancient American continent. After Christ's resurrection he appeared to these faithful followers who had looked for the signs of His coming for generations. Christ descended out of the heavens into their midst; and as the resurrected Lord, He calls them forth, and one by one they feel the prints left from his crucifixion in his hands and feet. Christ gathers their children and blesses them. He teaches them and prays with and for them. And just as in the New Testament, He calls and ordains Apostles to lead and guide His church on the earth, He administers unto them the sacrament, He performs miracles, and He teaches of His ways. That same compassion that we see of Christ in the Bible is shown forth in the Book of Mormon, witnessing further or His divinity and His perfect love. Show more Show less

What are some of the ways that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helps those around the world?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is known throughout the world for its humanitarian services. This is part of the miracle of this church - that its arms truly are reaching out and doing all that it can do, in the name of Christ, to help the children of God. What is even more powerful is that we know that the hand of Christ is behind these efforts, blessing those who are the recipients of these resources with not only such needed supplies, but also with the comfort that comes with knowing someone cares, especially Christ. The church's humanitarian services are mainly given to those who are not of our faith, all over the world. All of these efforts are funded by the donations of members of our church. These efforts include emergency response, clean water initiatives, neonatal resuscitation training, vision care, distribution of wheelchairs, food production training and tools, and immunization coverage. But efforts aren't limited to these categories. If you visit this website, you will see the remarkable humanitarian activities that are taking place worldwide, from the distribution of kindergarden books to hospital beds: http://www.providentliving.org/project/0,13501,4607-1-2009,00.html. Show more Show less