What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm David

I was raised by good people. Now that I am raising a family of my own, my appreciation for my parents grows every day.

About Me

I am a father, husband, employee, graduate student, lover of every kind of ice cream, wanna-be athlete, quasi-musician, almost an artist, political idealist, author of a book that few people want to read, seeker of good things, believer of God, and advocate of freedom and democracy.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I cannot deny the reality that God lives, that He is our Father, and that He follows a pattern for revealing truth to His children. In every age throughout the history of mankind there have been prophets who have been appointed to convey instructions from God. If it weren't for this pattern, we might be justified in questioning the goodness of God for sending us to Earth without giving us the help we need to successfully navigate this life. The fact is that there is a legitimate prophet with the authority to speak for God, but we all have the choice of whether or not we will believe. Personally, when I hear the words of a prophet, past or present, the Spirit of God washes over me and my chest begins to burn like I just swallowed the sun ... yes, it is THAT powerful. I cannot deny what God has witnessed to me directly from His Spirit to mine. Some people will tell you that you can't just rely on subjective feelings, but when you connect with God, there is nothing subjective about it. That is how I can testify that Thomas S. Monson is a living prophet of God, and why I cannot deny the fact that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is indeed the only Church established by God Himself for the exaltation of His children.   If you are skeptical about the validity of that claim, I invite you to make it a matter of personal and spiritual investigation. Talk to the missionaries, read the Book of Mormon, but most importantly, talk to your Father in Heaven and get the knowledge directly from the source.

How I live my faith

The scriptures tell of ancient communities that lived in such harmony that there was "no poor among them" Moses 7-18. This has given me a bright hope and a compelling vision of what the future could be, despite all the sadness and selfishness in the world. I have also been influenced by Gandhi's challenge to "be the change you wish to see in the world". I am not there yet, but I am working on it. I am in the process of completing a Master's in Public Administration with an emphasis in nonprofit administration. I currently work for Social Security, but have dreams of being a community leader who is instrumental in bringing people together under a common desire to help one another- despite cultural forces that glorify selfishness and indulgence. I have also self published a book about that general concept. Otherwise, I have three children 5, 3, and a new arrival. My family is my strength and the Lord is my light. The inspired humanitarian outreach and welfare programs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have also been tremendously influential in shaping my character and my resolve to do something good in the world.

What is faith?

Faith is the precursor to knowledge. Even scientists have faith- they just have funny words for it, like "hypothesis". When you have faith that a certain principle might be true, for example, you don't just sit there and think about it. You take that principle and you test it. That is faith. It is not just having a question, but being willing to test the possible answers to see which, if any, is right. For instance, if you want to test the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon- whether or not it is an ancient record written under the authority of God for the instruction of His children- you must be willing to test the hypothesis. The hypothesis might be if the Book of Mormon is sent from God, then when I read it and apply its teachings in my life, my relationship with God will be stronger and my understanding of His will for me will be clearer. You must also be willing to accept the premise that God loves us and will give us the guidance we need if we honestly ask for it James 15. Faith, then, compels us to act and to see for ourselves what is true. When we put forth genuine faith, our Father in Heaven will bless us with the knowledge we seek. Show more Show less