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Hi I'm John

I'm a Mormon. I was born and raised in a farming community. My father was a doctor in the town. I have six brothers and sisters

About Me

I was born in 1928 in the upstairs bedroom of the family home. There was no hospital in the town but a few years later a small hospital was built htrough the efforts of my father and some other members in the town. Preston was a nice place to grow up. There was no TV or vidio games but we seem to find lots of things to do. We played games in the evenings such as "run my sheepy run". We made the toys we used. We made guns by cutting a gun shape out of wood and then wraping a cloths pin to the stock end. We would cut strips off an old car intertube which we could clamp one end in the cloths pin and stretch the other end out to the end of the barrell. When you opened the cloths pin the rubber band would fly forward about 10 to 20 feet.. We could play cowboys and indians or cops and robbers. We burnrd our initials in the shovel handle with a magnifying glass. We played tops, marbles and yo yos. As we got older touch football and softball were our games. As a teen, most of the work was farm work such as haying, beet thining in the summer or topping in the fall. Infact school was closed for two weeks in October so that we could go out into the fields to harvest the beets and potatoes. My senior year in high School ,I earn $80.00 harvesting beets (topping) by working sunup to sundown and I felt rich. I bought myself a new suit, shirt and tie that cost ($74.00), it was a good lesson in ecnomics I did not feel so rich anymore. It was my first suit that was mine first.

Why I am a Mormon

My great grandparents joined the Mormon church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints) in the mid 1800s and came wesr with the pioneers. My home town was settled by the Mormon pioneers. As a child and a youth, I went to the Morman Church with my parents and participated in youth activites including scouting. I enjoyed the church and accepted the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ that I received. There were very few non Mormons in high school. In college at the University of Idaho, I had many non Mormon friends. While with a group of my non Mormon friends I tried to tell them the teaching I had received at church on where did we come from? , why are we here? and where are we going? I was surprised when one of them said "where did you get that crazy story?" I realized then that i did not really know what the church had taught me. I was a baptized member of the church and socially active but had not obtained my own testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ that I had been taught. I continued active in the church and began to listen and ask questions of the church teachings and to read and reread the scriptures. I accepted a mission call for the church where I had to be able to explain the teaching of Christ and answer questions. i was challenge often. Now my study of the scriptures and my prayers took on a more serious tone. It was at that time I received an answer to a very sincere prayer and then I knew that the gospel of jesus Christ I had learned in the church was true. The Holy Spirit had testified to me, as promised in the gospel of John, of truthfulness of what I had read in the scriptures and had heard taught in church. Now I had my testimony of the gospel and i was happy.

How I live my faith

My life as a Mormon has been good for me. I was able to get an higher education including a masters degree in accounting. I worked in public accounting as a CPA. Most of the time I was my own boss. The church opened to me many new and exciting experiences. It is a lay church and members are encouraged to contribute timev in doing service in the church.. I mostly served with the youth programs in the church which included dance festivals, sports,dramas and musicals and scouting. I enjoyed the scouting and served in the local Boy Scout council on the ditrict and council level. I held leadersip positions in the church including the position of Bishop. A Bishop presides over a congregation of sime 300 to 500 members. i enjoyed being a teacher in the Sunday School, youth program and priesthood groups. Each position I had in the church was an education and helped to strengthen my knwoledge of the gospel of Christ. This is especially tuue for a teacher. If you are preparing a lesson on faith, brotherly kindness, the atonment of Christ, the two great commandments and other principles, you learn so much yourself. Prayer has played a great part in helping me to grow closer to the Lord. My wife and i pray together twice each day and we have our individual prayers. I have gained a strong love for the Savior I try in my studies of the teaching of the prophets and my prayers to the Lord to gain a greater knowledge of the Savior and his atoning scrifice. I know that he lives and that he knows who I am and that he loves me. This is a great comfort to me and helps me love others and to try to overcome my own faults.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

We are encouraged to know God and draw close to him in love. We can use our eyes and ears by studing the scriptures which contain the testimony of the prophets who have communed with god. The teachings and the experiences of the prophets can tell us much about God. We can just look around us and see the hand of God in the things of the world and in our lives. However, as the Apostle Paul said, our eyes and our ears at not enough. We must pray with a sincere desire for the help of the Holy Spirit to show us what we have seen and heard is true. We shall receive an answer when we really ask in faith. We learn by doing. By keeping Gods commandments we can feel that they good and tell us there is a God just like we learn a new language by using it in our daily speach./ Show more Show less