Eddie!: Mormon.

Hi I'm Eddie!

About Me

Born in Mexico, raised in the United States. I love my office job, I like studying different languages. I can speak English, Spanish, French, and some Japanese. Interested in meeting people from different countries. I listen to a lot of Jazz! I face all of my life's situations with confidence and I'm very optimistic!  

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I have tried to be the best latter day saint I can be and have been greatly blessed for it. I have fully read The Book of Mormon and have felt so many positive things that I can't deny it's validity. I know for a fact that I am on the right path, and if I continue on that path, I will always be blessed by our Heavenly Father.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

The Book of Mormon is such a powerful scripture. It can help anyone be closer to God. It changes lives. I am living proof of that. When I first started attending church, I had very little knowledge of the scriptures, I didn't have a calling, and I never wore a tie. Months later, as I read the Book of Mormon more and more, I grew spiritually and my testimony got stronger. Now I know more about the gospel, I have a calling, and I dress as good as the bishop! 

How I live my faith

I accompany the missionaries whenever I can, I attend church regularly and I always keep the church teachings in mind so I can live a better life. I have taught the young priesthood holders and it's a lot of fun. I have visited temples with priesthood leaders as well. I have organized and have helped organize many events that keep our members active and united. That's how I live my faith.