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Hi I'm Scott

I'm an American living and working in Germany as an engineer and researcher. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am an American living in Germany, and Aerospace Engineer working as a Post-Doctoral Researcher, a father of 2, a soccer player, hiker, kiteboarder, rock climber, mobile maker, and a nerd. And I'm a mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

My mom comes from a long line of Mormons, going back to the pioneers who crossed the U.S. in search of refuge from religious persecution. My dad joined the church just before I was born. He has often talked to me how becoming a Mormon and establishing a firm belief in Christ helped him to find direction in his life, something that was lacking during his college years. Like anyone raised in a particular religion or belief system, I had to decide for myself whether I really believed the teachings of my "inherited faith" and was prepared to live it. I remember sitting on the pew during Sunday church services as a young teenager, thinking to myself that I was wasting a lot of time if none of this was true. I didn't know if God existed, much less whether he had a church on the earth. I thought about it quite a bit, and I prayed for an answer to my questions. One night, I was alone looking out at the stars. I thought about the vastness of the universe and was struck by the weight of my own insignificance. I thought that if there was a Creator, I must be nothing to him in relation to the rest of His creations. Just as I thought about this, I felt a tremendous rush of love, and I knew that Heavenly Father knew who I was and loved me. Since that experience, I have had many small experiences which convince me that God really has established a church with a prophet and apostles, and that he has a plan for us to return to him someday.  

How I live my faith

One of my responsibilities in my local congregation is to assign duties to other members. Every participating member of my church has a duty, or "calling", which can be anything from teaching children on Sunday to being responsible for the cleaning of the building we meet in. I love that everyone is needed and that we get opportunities to serve. Also, since the callings are assigned rather than chosen, we as members are sometimes asked to do things outside of our comfort zone, which is a great opportunity to grow.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

We absolutely believe that grace is necessary. I try to do what is right, but I am far from perfect. Being married and having children seems to really make me aware of that fact. We believe that we cannot "earn" our way into heaven, we need to be able to repent from our sins and become clean through the grace of God. Although we cannot make it on our own merits, we still need to try. God wants us to do the best that we can, because we cannot become like him without constantly struggling to become better people.   Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

As an engineer, I am constantly amazed with the complexity and underlying order in the universe. Many people hold up science and knowledge as clear indicators of the absence of a Supreme Being, but I find just the opposite. All of the mathematical models that I deal with are only imperfect representations of reality. If anything, science has shown me that we are still far from understanding the real complexities of how the world works, and I see the hand of something greater holding up the laws and principles that we often take for granted. Show more Show less