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Hi I'm Thomas

I'm a writer in the making. I'm "different." I love doing good for the world. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I was once asked what three adjectives I would use to describe myself, and I decided on "crazy religious hoser." You may find it comforting to know, however, that in addition to loving my God and doing the occassional strange thing like rolling down the stairs in a sleeping bag, I'm basically normal. (Well, ok... that's up to debate.) I love the natural world, especially animals. My biggest passions are for writing and art; the kinds of things that let me express what I see, feel, and imagine. While I was considering becoming a pilot with the military, I'm now working my way through university, with the hope for some kind of artistic career that will let me see more of the world. Food is one of my "happy thoughts," as are open skies, things that fly, snow, wind, things that grow, colours, keyboards, poetry, sources of light... and all kinds of things. I find this world is a happy place. I know that there's suffering in it, but I'm working day by day to find little things I can do that will make it better. I really do believe that "happiness is the object of our existence." It's beauty stuff, eh.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because nothing brings me more happiness. As elusive the thing called "joy," There is still joy and hope in the world! I have known the teachings of this church for most of my life, but didn't take them seriously until I was 14 years old. At that time I decided that I really wanted to know what many had told me was true. After reading the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, I found a promise that has touched literally millions of hearts. The promise given by a prophet was that when we sincerely ask God if the things taught in the book and this church are true, He will tell us so. It was so simple a thing; I didn't need to see an angel or fire come down from heaven - only to feel a voice pierce into my mind, and a warmth inside of me. I've known since then that this is the complete truth, restored to the earth by Jesus Christ. Since that day, I've become more and more sure through my own experience, as new things confirm to me that this is the right way. I know that there is a God - our Heavenly Father. As many of us as there are that doubt it, He loves us. That's probably why I love all that I do; each little thing reminds me of that love. I know that God's son Jesus Christ, has given us the way to live with God and be happy again. He has taken the penalties of everything that we do wrong so that we do not have to suffer the same. I have felt His help in all I do, and feel eternally grateful. I literally owe Him my life. God the Father and Jesus Christ have given us instructions to be safe and happy, called the gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing that can bring as much good into your life. I know that truth exists; I have found it here, in this church. You can know of this truth for yourself - and I promise you will never regret the day that you did so. I promise, as Jesus Christ would, that this is the only way to eternal life. As that is what He would tell you, I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

How DO I live my faith? Good question; let me think about that. About a year ago today, I was a full-time missionary who taught our beliefs to everyone who would listen. In the year since then, I've been involved with helping members of our church to learn and teach these principles to one another and to others. Now, however... I need to live my faith in more subtle ways. I have a job serving children with special needs, and I try to treat others as Christ would. I take every opportunity I can to teach others about the truths I know, because I know that when they live those truths, it will make them happier. For the amount of my life that I spend on public transit, I should find plenty of interesting people to talk to every day! I like to write poetry, stories, and my thoughts and impressions about all kinds of things, and in everything I write I tend to draw it back into the faith that I have. (That even happens at school sometimes.) I spend more time than I would like to in online social networks because most of my friends now live in different countries or continents. Although it has to come from there, I strive to be a good friend and help out whenever I can. I'm trying to do better in doing the same for people I meet in the real world, too; when Jesus Christ was on the earth, He always emphasized loving others in everything we do. My faith is the core of who I am. Little by little, I want to become as Christ, our perfect example was. That's my ultimate goal, and that is how and why I live my faith.

Who was Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith, as much as you may have heard about him, was first identifiable as a servant of Jesus Christ. He was a normal person born in 1805 in Sharon, Vermont. He lived a normal life, and like any normal person wanted to know the truth, especially about where he came from and what the purpose of life was. He asked God in prayer to reveal the truth, and in response to Joseph's faith God the Father and Jesus Christ showed themselves to him, and told him that the true church of Jesus Christ was not on the earth, but that it soon would be. From then on, Joseph was prepared and given authority from heavenly messengers so that he could do the work that had been given to him. Joseph was called by God to be a prophet, a spiritual leader that would guide the world in following the will of God for His children. As a servant of Jesus Christ, Joseph, though he was not perfect, fulfilled Christ's will, which included translating the Book of Mormon, organizing Christ's church on the earth, teaching the full gospel, and guiding the Church by revelation from Him. His life was to be a servant of God and of Jesus Christ, and he was willing to give his life for them. Joseph Smith lived and died for the God he loved. Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

This is a question I have often been asked, and I understand the curiosity! People are often led to assume that something secret or strange goes on inside of the temple, else why would it only be made available to so few people in the world? Why does nobody talk about it outside? From my own experience being inside of some of these temples, I can tell you that there is nothing out of the ordinary happening inside. When I was preparing to enter the temple, I was told a very good way to look at it: inside of the temple they teach no new doctrine, but rather the same doctrines you learn elsewhere in the church, more clearly than you understood them before. If it seems secret, it's only because the things that happen in the temple are sacred. It's the same reason that we try not to repeat the name of God too often; when sacred things become common, they lose some of their significance in the minds of people. In the temple all of the "crowning ordinances," take place. There is where receive promises from God, most significantly the promise that families can be sealed forever, to live with God again. These are also performed for the dead, with people performing ordinances vicariously for those who have passed on. The blessings of the temple are for everyone, but require preparation, which is why it seems restrictive, as is often the case with sacred things. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons believe in the Bible?

First, it is important to notice that Mormons do believe in the Bible. We believe the Bible as a collection of revelations from God and some of the history of His people. Through the records given in the Bible, we learn of God's commandments, how revelation comes from God to His people on the earth, and we see through real-life examples what happens when we choose to obey or to deny the things that we learn from God. The Bible was written mostly by prophets, servants of God who were given the duty and the authority to preach God's words and to invite everyone to follow Jesus Christ, the Son of God and our Saviour. The things that they had to say when acting in that capacity are sacred, because they are the words of our Heavenly Father, just spoken by the voice of those who follow Him. The Bible also tells us about the life of Jesus Christ, including the sacrifice that He performed to save all of us, and how He established His church on the earth and gave authority to men so that they could lead it even after He left them. The words written by the Biblical prophets are true, and the Bible is also true, so long as it is written and translated correctly, in accordance with what the prophets of God originally said. Show more Show less