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Hi I'm Carla

I'm a Mormon. A mother in one way or other to 6 children and 10 grandchildren.

About Me

I'm one of 15 siblings from 3 broken homes. I was raised in the country in the deep south referred to as "The Bible Belt". I was raised with most of my siblings in the same home. We rarely attended any church in my youth. Our rented home burned to the ground when I was 4 or 5. The Salvation Army provided a place for us to stay until we found another place to live. We did attend church (SA) for a period of time after this experience. I graduated from high school with thoughts of becoming a forest ranger and living in the parks and nature. I love the outdoors. I love to hike, ride bikes, kayak and garden. I presently drive a school bus and have for the past 8 years. I have worked in banking 10 years, a bookkeeper for a timber company 10 years, owned and directed a child care center for 5 years and homeschooled the last two children. I have a son now serving a mission and my youngest daughter has just applied for BYU Idaho at the age of 16 almost 17. I have just began to be involved in Family History which my oldest sister started many years ago. And looking to the empty nest years- what's ahead, who knows. We planted 50 blackberry bushes and 50 blueberry bushes last year. We have another 200 to put in the ground. Sounds like more gardening. Plenty to do in the coming years. FUN!

Why I am a Mormon

O.K. When I was a little girl, as I stated earlier we attended the Salvation Army church. I was taught that God was love and that he was everywhere. Later, in school I began to wonder about the Native Americans (indians). If God was everywhere, why didn't they have scriptures? Why didn't they have prophets? As I grew older I attended Churches of many denominations. I concluded that something was missing. Jesus Christ, described in the Bible as My Beloved Son when he came up out of the waters of baptism, was spoken to by a voice from Heaven. Definitely two separate beings. The Holy Ghost descended as though a dove. Another separate being. How could going to school or college give anyone the authority to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Who gave them permission? The Bible warned me of believing on the arm of man. These were the thoughts, concerns, and questions I carried in my heart. After a divorce and marrying a second husband with a combined family, things were very hard. I knew in my heart that God loved me, He knew I wanted the truth and He knew I wanted to save my marriage. That summer, my step daughter was allowed to visit her 6 weeks with us; she had an audio tape titled "My Heavenly Fathers' Plan. I listened to the tape, called the Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter-day Saints; I didn't know we had congregation in town. We attended Sunday and the Missionaries came out every night for the next 2 weeks and September 10th I was baptized. That was 22 years ago. He had heard my prayers and I had enough sense to listen and follow. I have been sealed to my husband for time and eternity, not just 'til death. The temples are the House of God on the earth today. The work of turning the (Malachi 4:5-6) hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers is being fulfilled daily. I am Mormon because of the testimony I have within me. The Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth. It is never wavering.

How I live my faith

Before I was baptized I was helping in Primary (3-11) year olds. In the Church we are called to serve in various positions. I have served in our Primary, as President and teacher of the womens organization, the Young Women, YW Summer Camp, Temple Preparation Teacher, Gospel Doctrine Teacher. I have taught classes teaching future teachers, as a Family History Consultant, I visit those that are no longer active or shut in. I serve in a small branch (our meeting house) because of this is I serve in several callings at the same time. Never has my family life suffered because of the time demands. Their is no sacrifice greater than the Savior made for me. I presently teach siminary (scripture study for the 9-12th grades),I teach the young children, and help others with their Family History. I drive a school bus which provides insurance. I am blessed with the opportunity to serve. We are not wealthy financially, but my peace of mind has no price tag. The Savior made it possible for all to be resurrected. How I choose to live eternally is up to me and the choices I make here. He provides the atonement so that I can repent and come to Him with a broken heart and contrite spirit. This isn't a one time act. This isn't sazam and His grace covers me. This is the transformation that takes place within me. I give up my life to find it. It is because of His grace that there is hope for me. Because He said, "Father send me and the glory be thine". Jesus Christ gave all for me. He gave all for all mankind. He suffered, from sickness, disease, heart break, every opposition we face He experienced it so He knows how to succor us. I cannot comprehend the agony he bore. Because it is for every man, woman and child that has lived or ever will; only a God could do that. When I give my life to Him and willingly make the changes in my character that changes me to be more like Him, then I'm on the straight and narrow that leads Home, Come follow me, Jesus said. Literally, no fake.