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Hi I'm Daynon

I'm a dedicated wife and a stay-at-home mother of 5. I enjoy reading, cooking with our kids, walking/running and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a stay-at-home mother of 5 beautiful children. I love being able to stay home and be available at the crossroads of my children's lives. I have a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and even though I don't work, I have been able to use my education for the benefit of my own family!  I love doing things for my family! I sew dresses for my girls, bake cakes for those all important birthdays, cut hair for everyone in the family, make quilts to stay warm with and I have even made a bunkbed. I also enjoy doing things for myself. I read as much as I can find time for, go to the gym and I have even started to run, bike and swim. I'm basically a regular mom that loves spending time with my sweet husband and our children! I love being a wife! And I love being a mom!

Why I am a Mormon

When I was young, my mom would send my sister and I to church by ourselves. I chose to be baptized when I was 9. I loved how I felt when I went to church. I loved learning that I have a Father in Heaven who loves "ME"! I could feel the spirit whisper to my little heart of the truthfullness of all that I was taught! Over the years my testimony has grown "here a little and there a little". As a youth, I learned to overcome the lonely feelings that three divorces and disappearances of fathers can leave you with. I learned of the hope Christ has given me for my own future. Through Christ, I can have eternal salvation! I know that Christ lives! I know that God lives! I know that after I do all that I can do to live my life as Christ lived his, that I still wouldn't be worthy to live with my Father in Heaven again without the sacrifice of Christ's atonement. His sacrifice will make up for all of my shortcomings and I am grateful! I try to show my gratitude by living my life the best I know how. I learn how to live through prayer and by studying the scriptures. I know that the teachings in the Bible and Book of Mormon will only bring me closer to my Savior and my Father in Heaven. I know these teachings will also give me more choices, more freedom and more happiness! I know that I can recieve personal revelation through the Holy Ghost and that personal revelation will come as I study the scriptures, ponder and pray. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that it came to us through God's hand. I know that people are not perfect, but the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true restored gospel on the earth today! Jesus Christ is the foundation of all that I do and try to be! I want my family and friends to feel the peace and joy that has entered my life as well!

How I live my faith

We charter a cub scout pack at our church and I serve others by working with the cub scouts. I am the committee chairman right now and have been serving in different positions in cubscouts for the past 8 1/2 years. I love watching the boys faces light up when they are having so much fun learning and growing. It's amazing to see all of their different skills, talents, challenges they overcome and their positive attitude about everything they do! I have gained and learned so much from my time spent teaching, planning and organizing our cub scout pack. I try to follow the teachings of Christ every day. I serve my family and try to find opportunities to serve others around me. I know that Christ would serve more than I seem to be able to, but I'm still learning and working to develope more charity!

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Mormon women are awesome! We work hard, whether it be at home with our families or with a job. We are dedicated! When we make a committment, we do all that we can to keep that committment. We are spiritual! We try to gain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven. We are individuals! I know so many unique Mormon women that all have different talents, skills, personalities and challenges. We celebrate those differences and use those differences to uplift others! Men and women are equal! We have a wise Heavenly Father who created men and women. We each were created with our own unique qualities that when paired together create a wonderful team! Since being married many years ago, I have discovered the importance of our differences! If my husband and I had the same qualities, we would be a much weaker team than we are. I love that he has strengths that I am weak in and that I can be strong in areas that he isn't. We really are able to work together to build each other up, raise our children together and overcome life's obstacles that are thrown at us. Equality doesn't mean that we are the same, just that we respect each other enough to work together as a team! Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

We all live very individual lives, but we all strive to live the basics of daily personal prayer, personal scripture study, personal worship through weekly church services, seeking opportunities to serve others and putting family first! Joy comes with learning about Christ and living as close to those teachings that we can! Show more Show less