What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Laura

I grew up in Boise, Idaho. Now I live in South Eastern Idaho.

About Me

I'm married to a wonderful man (also from Idaho). I graduated from BYU-Idaho with a degree in Emergency Services Management (paramedic/firefighter), but I haven't done anything with that career. I've decided to become a farmer/homesteader; not a commercial one, just the feed my family and make fewer trips to the store kind. I love the outdoors, but I also love to cook, knit, sew, make pottery and do other things that are usually inside. I'm an avid reader, both of fiction and non-fiction. I love riding the city bus; . I like music from musicals, some country, and hymns. I write a blog at www.myhomesteadodyssey.wordpress.com

Why I am a Mormon

I was "born in the covenant," (to member's of the church sealed in the temple) so I grew up going to three hours of meetings every week, whether I liked it or not. When I grew old enough that my parents would believe me if I faked being sick, or even let me stay home if I said I didn't want to go, I had to decide for myself if I believed that three hours and commandments and all the other "hard stuff" was worth it. I decided it was. But it wasn't a stroke of lightning, or a vision. It came from testing the truth of it by doing. Over time, I came to realize that the friendship I felt from others in my ward, and the good feelings I usually had at church (even when the speaker got a little boring), was the Holy Ghost telling me I was in the right place, and he was encouraging me to continue in the true gospel, and to become my full potential. I have felt what a friend of mine recently described when discussing why she joined the church, "I felt an overwhelming peace and joy" when I thought about the gospel of Jesus Christ and his church.

How I live my faith

I think most of how I live my faith happens inside my own home, in the small things I do each day, and how I relate to my family. I pray every day, usually I pray when I get up, and before bed, as well as praying before meals- which helps me to be mindful that not all people have food, so I should be grateful and generous with what I have. It also gives me a moment in the middle of the day (or three) to remember my God, and strengthen my relationship with him. I try to remember to pray always, which usually means asking a question like, "What should I do now?" a few times a day. I also pray daily with my husband, and we study the Bible/Book of Mormon together and individually each day, if only for a few minutes. I believe that doing these things is a large part of what makes me a happy person, and that carries though to the rest of the people I meet in the day; it helps me smile. In my ward (congregation), I teach the young women's group (Laurels; 16-17year olds) during one hour of church, and attend the youth activities during the week. I love this opportunity to share my testimony with them, and to learn together about the truths of the gospel. I hope that all my actions portray truth and encourage others to seek truth because "the truth will make you free" (and can help you be happy).

What is the Relief Society?

Relief Society is AWESOME! Some people like to say Relief Society is "relief from husbands and children meeting." Relief Society is sometimes a nice break from other pressures and duties for an hour, but what Relief Society is really about is a chance for women to pool their divine nature as nurturers, and be strengthened and organized as they go about their weekly service to their families, neighbors, communities,and ultimately, the world. The Relief Society is a sisterhood. It's a sisterhood that reaches from here to Timbuktu to Hawaii to wherever. The Relief Society is the largest women's organization on the earth, and was organized by revelation from the Lord to Joseph Smith. Relief Society (and the church) means that wherever you travel in the world, there are instant friends (no water required). Show more Show less