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Hi I'm John

I am a finance and accounting guy. I'm an adventurer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I'm not working with finances or studying for the CPA exam, I enjoy spending time outdoors. Growing up in California, I was an avid surfer, mountain biker, and pole vaulter. While attending school in Utah, I gravitated towards the mountains, spending time mountain biking, rock climbing, and exploring. Now that I'm living in the Midwest with my beautiful bride, I enjoy a good run, a long bike ride, and teaching the Boy Scouts in my troop about the adventures available to them away from the computer and television.

Why I am a Mormon

Short and simple, I'm a Mormon because I believe God wants me to be. God doesn't always speak through fire and earthquakes. A lot of times, He speaks to us through a still, small voice (1 Kings 19). That still, small voice fills me with peace when I read the Bible and the Book of Mormon, when I hear and read the words of ancient and modern prophets, and when I follow God's commandments. I find that when I follow God's word given in all of His scriptures, I have stronger faith, greater confidence, and lasting happiness. I am a Mormon because God gives me peace and happiness as a Mormon.

How I live my faith

In my congregation (known as a ward), I have the fun and challenging responsibility of working with the young men of our congregation. Every Sunday, I get to sit with and teach the young men about God, about His commandments, and about how to be better sons, better brothers, and better men. I am trying to prepare them to conquer the difficult challenges they face now and will face as they get older. I'm also involved with the Boy Scout Troop of our ward. I earned the rank of Eagle Scout as a teenager in California and the lessons I learned as a Boy Scout then have helped me excel in every aspect of my life. The Boy Scouts also helped me really learn how to enjoy adventures in the outdoors. I want to help pass on some of these lessons to the young men so they can enjoy success and enjoyment in their own lives. But, living my faith doesn't just happen on Sundays or when I'm with the Boy Scouts. Living my faith is an every day exercise. Just like daily physical exercise strengthens my body, daily spiritual exercise, like reading the scriptures and praying, keeps my spirit strong and alive. Living my faith means building a strong relationship with my wife. I try to follow Jesus Christ by being kind to others, forgiving others, and lending a helping hand.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

Countless men and women laid down their lives so we could have the sacred text of the Bible. Without their efforts, we might have never had the words of Christ or His Apostles as recorded in the New Testament. But what did the people have before the Bible was compiled? Before Christ was born? They had scriptures from prophets in their own generation and from the generations before, if they were lucky. Moses didn't have the entire canon of scripture that we have today, nor did Abraham, John the Baptist, or David. For thousands of years, people relied on the words of previous prophets and the words of prophets in their own generation. It wasn't until the death of Christ and His Apostles that the communication through prophets stopped for an extended period of time. The world, after Christ's mortal ministry, was left with only the words of God to previous generations to guide them on their current, difficult challenges. Just as the Lord called Moses, Abraham, Elijah, Isaiah, Paul, John, and others to give the people real-time direction, Jesus Christ called Joseph Smith to guide His children. Since Joseph Smith, there has been a prophet on the earth to relay God's will to us, to help us with current challenges, and to give us counsel and correction. Show more Show less