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Hi I'm Grant

I'm a husband, father, grandfather, CEO and I'm a Mormon

About Me

My wife and I have been married since 1971. We have six children and 21 grandchildren living in 5 states coast to coast. We love family reunions at the beach, and try to find a house to rent big enough for all 35 of us to be under one roof for a week. It's a blast! I am a serial entrepreneur. I have founded or co-founded 4 successful businesses based on innovative technologies. The companies have been acquired by major corporations once we get them up and running. Innovation is my vocational passion. Perseverance is my forte. You can find out more about our family by clicking the link to our blog. Naturally it's all about our forever family! 

Why I am a Mormon

I believe faith is non-denominational. People of all religious beliefs will receive the precise reward of their faith that they expect. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints challenges and tests a person's faith to the max. Therefore, the rewards of that faith are correspondingly great. I am a Mormon in a quest for the finest, sweetest, most wonderful state of being for eternity.

How I live my faith

My daily goal is the pursuit of godly virtues. The object of mortality is not to get an X in all the categories of good behavior. The goal is to become the kind of person God is. Morphing to be like God is not an easy or rapid process. There are constant challenges and affronts to that effort. But I believe that over the years, step by step, lesson by lesson, goodness by goodness we can all become better people - each of us a little bit more like God every day. He has given us a road map to return to His presence after we leave this life. It is clearly laid out in many examples of the lives of the prophets in the Old Testament and Christ's teaching and life in the New Testament. The pursuit of the quest to become like God is an individual decision. Our success in this regard is the measure of our character and moral fiber. I love the Book of Mormon. I have read it cover to cover once each year since in finished my mission in Southern California in 1968. To me it is my spiritual IV. Like a medical IV, you never get stuffed or bloated with nourishment. Like saline solution just helps keep your body alive, the Book of Mormon maintains my spiritual life. Another anchor in my life is the Holy Temple. My wife and I perform sacred ordinances in the temple weekly. In this supremely sacred place, we can worship more deeply on a daily or weekly basis. I cannot imagine living anyplace on the planet without a temple nearby - the void in my life would be unbearable. We have had our share of trials and adversity. No amount of righteous living entitles someone to skip the chiseling and shaping trials that are the purpose of mortality. Fortunately, we have found that in our ever more difficult adversities of life, we grow closer and closer to knowing our loving Father in Heaven. Not that we would ever seek for trying experiences, but the growth and closeness to God make our challenges very worthwhile.

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

The after-life is an interesting proposition. The older we become, the more experience we have with friends and loved ones who pass on. A friend of mine went to 7 funerals in a 10-day period of time. The passing of loved ones usually causes us to stop and reflect about what comes next. Is it just "over" "done" "finished" "that's it" "gone forever"? Or is there really something more, and what will it be like? The most basic concept is that our spirits are eternal. Our mortal body is a temporary housing for the spirit that grew and developed in the presence of our Father in Heaven before we came to earth life. When we die, we lay our mortal body aside for a time, to await the resurrection. But our spirit, comprised of more refined elements of matter, lives on. When the spirit leaves the body, the spirit form of our entity goes to a place that for lack of a more apt term we call the Spirit World. This too is a temporary place in our progress and development into eternal beings. We carry there everything we have become while we had our bodies - our personalities, our preferences, our memories of earthly experiences, our traits we developed while we were here, our knowledge and education, our lessons from life and all the other attributes that helped define us on earth. We merely transition from a physical state to a spiritual state of being, for a relatively short period of time. Our experience in the Spirit World will end with our resurrection. Our physical body will be reunited with our spirits once again. The resurrected body will be immortal – not subject to infirmity, fatigue, disease, aging, injury or death. The resurrection is made possible through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is His gift to every person who ever lived on this planet. Regardless of our performance on earth, all will eventually be resurrected. “As in Adam all die,” meaning mankind became subject to physical death by the mortality of father Adam, “even so in Christ shall all be made alive” meaning the resurrection will apply to everyone. 1 Corinthians 1522 The Spirit World serves two basic purposes, while awaiting the resurrection. First, for some people and to varying extents, the Spirit World is an extension of our probationary period on earth. Some people never had an adequate opportunity to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ on this earth. Of the estimated 75 billion inhabitants of earth to date, some never heard the name of Jesus Christ from the time of their birth until their death. Some lived in cultures so fixed and controlled as to prevent any consideration of accepting the gospel of Christ. In order for our Father to be a fair and just God, every living soul must receive an adequate opportunity to make a decision about Jesus Christ and his teaching. Thus the Spirit World is a place of learning about Christ, unfettered by the encumbrances of physical mortality environment, indoctrinations, repressive cultures, etc.. Some spirits there will be teachers of the truth to those who did not yet have the chance to hear the message. Others will be students, evaluating concepts and ideas, exercising faith unto repentance and attempting to change their beliefs, their attitudes, their expectations and their character to align themselves with Jesus Christ. The process of conversion to the doctrines of Christ continues throughout the Spirit World attempting to bring all who are willing into the fold of righteous believers. The second purpose of the Spirit World is that of reconciliation, another word for repentance. Many of us will realize in the Spirit World that while we were on earth we made some wrong choices. We had rationalized our behavior as being OK and now we realize we need to make recompense. This will be a time of struggle and agony of spirit in regard to reconciling our lives we actually lived to the life we could have and should have lived. It will be worse for some than others. But through it all, the offer of the atonement of Christ is offered as a balm and solution to end the remorse and suffering of the spirit. As people come to comprehend Christ and embrace his teachings, their suffering can be diminished. Our Spirit World experience ends, by definition, at the time of our resurrection. The timing of our resurrection will depend on our progress in the Spirit World to achieve our ultimate character and condition through repentance. It will be a longer wait for some than others. Those who are ready will be resurrected at the Second Coming of Christ to live and reign on mortal earth for the period of the millennium. For others, the resurrection will occur at the end of the millennium. Eventually we will all be reunited with our bodies and prepared for our eternal state. Many people may wonder about the purpose of the millennium when Christ is on the earth for a thousand years and Satan is constrained and unable to influence daily life of those on earth. It will be a time of great joy and righteous living, without sin and malice. But some ask why, what’s the point? What will be happening during the millennium? The millennium is a vital period of time for Christ to finish his work on the earth. Remember that there are billions of spirits receiving the message of Christ’s doctrine in the Spirit World. And like us, in order for their progress to be complete, they too must have the physical ordinances of baptism, confirmation and eternal marriage. But spirits are comprised of matter too fine to permit a physical ordinance to take place. Thus, the physical ordinances can only occur on mortal earth vicariously, with other people acting for and in behalf of the converted spirits. This will be the great work of the millennium. The atonement of Christ was a vicarious act on our behalf. He suffered for and in behalf of those who by their faith wish to accept His payment for our sins. Likewise, we mortals can perform the physical ordinances i.e. baptism required for salvation for and in behalf of those who are in the Spirit World. This practice was instituted when Christ was on the earth. Paul was attempting to teach the doctrine of the resurrection to the Corinthians, and referred to vicarious baptism when he said “else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all?” 1 Corinthians 1529 Eventually we all come to our judgment day before our Father in Heaven. This is the day on which the stature of our souls will be seen by a perfectly just and loving God, and we will be assigned to live eternally according to our expectations. For those who had no faith and expected no life after death, the mere being alive and resurrected will be pleasure enough. For those whose beliefs envision a life with Christ forever, it will be as they merit. For others with yet greater faith and expectation, eternal life will be united with families forever, husbands and wives for “time and eternity.” This latter state of eternal families can only be achieved through the ordinances of the temple in the Church of Jesus Christ. And again, that option is a matter of faith. Those who have the faith necessary to conform their lives to live the teachings of Christ which are necessary to gain admittance to the temple are the only ones who receive the blessings of those eternal temple ordinances. Paul again explained to the Corinthians that in the resurrection “there is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon and another glory of the stars.” 1 Corinthians 1541-42. In the end, when all is said and done forever we will know without any doubt that our loving Father in Heaven provided us all with an ample and complete opportunity to partake of the richness of His eternal presence. We will all have an absolute conviction that our eternal condition is reflective of our capabilities and conformance to His laws. And we will know beyond any doubt that every soul who lived on earth has had more than adequate opportunity to accept and embrace the message of Jesus Christ. Providing an equal opportunity for all mankind to believe in Christ is one of the most unique aspects of the Mormon belief about life after death. And thus it is that leaving mortal life is not an event of finality but merely a transition to the next and greater phase in our progress to return to our Father who send us here to begin with. What a glorious reunion that will be.  Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

Our Father in Heaven is the father of our spirits. We lived with him in a place we call the pre-mortal world, or sometimes the pre-existence the former term being more descriptive. In the pre-mortal world we lived in the presence of our Father in Heaven, and all His other spirit children designated for a mortal life on this earth. Our existence as spirits in the pre-mortal world may have been thousands or millions of years - we don't know - but as we grew and developed there, our loving Father knew us and interacted with us much as our mortal fathers do in the developmental years of children on earth. His knowledge of His pre-mortal children was not limited to just the prophets, such as Jeremiah see Jeremiah 15 Tutored by our Father in the pre-mortal world, our spirits made decisions, exercised faith in Father's teachings, encountered ideological differences with other spirits and had a chance to demonstrate our allegiance and adherence to the plan Father was laying out for us there. This gave him a substantial acquaintance with each of us personally. He knows our personality, our preferences, our strengths, our weaknesses and more than we have yet discovered about our own selves. But in order for us to grow and progress further than we could as spirits, we needed to add another element to our existence. We needed to see what our spirit could do in a physical environment. We needed to have a physical body added to our spirits to see if our spirit being could handle the appetites, desires and passions that are inherent in a physical body. We yearned for the chance to prove how well we could do. So our Father set out to create a world where we could dwell for a relatively brief moment compared to eternity and gain a body. Adam and Eve were the first spirits to come here, and began a multi-billion-person posterity in mortality. They were chosen for the pre-mortal valiance in serving God and their fellow spirits in the pre-mortal world. Their assignment here was significant, as recorded in the Old Testament. And eventually, each of us have waited until it is now our turn in the events of this planet to make our try. This is our chance to see how we can manage the physical stresses, temptations, enticements, choices, decisions, value judgments, faith, repentance and all the other aspects of spiritual growth and development. Our bodies give us a new dimension. Our physical world is our proving ground where we all have a chance to measure our own stature as beings. To my fellow sojourners on planet earth in the latter days of this mortal place I say congratulations! We have finally gotten our chance. This is our moment in eternity. May we learn to live it with great success in our eternal quests. May we help each other through the many trials and challenges that are inherent in the physical realm, and may our indomitable spirits conquer all that is thrown in our path. Best wishes to everyone with spiritual testing on planet earth.  Show more Show less