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Hi I'm Diane

At 26, I was a divorced mom of 3 children. I'm remarried now for over 30 yrs, with 8 children and 13 grchildren,and I am a Mormon.

About Me

My Parents stayed married their whole life, which is what I wanted when I got married. My 1st husband left me and our 3 young children, after 9 years of marriage. It was the hardest time in my life. My family was my whole world! I felt broken and tossed aside. The Lord pick me up, wrapped me in His loving arms, and walked with me through it. I clung to Him and my children trying to survive it. A few years later God sent someone to love me, and we have been married 30 years. I stayed at home to raise our children, but these days it is very hard to make ends meet with just one income. God helped me do both! I did daycare in my home for 30 years. It has been a good life, but not without its struggles. 2nd marriages are twice as hard. Many of our children, who have been effected by divorce, do not attend church anymore. Some turned to drugs and other addictions. I have learned with God's help you can do anything! He is there for us. I can feel His love. Through the gift of Jesus's atonement, forgiveness is given, miracles happen, hearts change, lives turn around. If you really want to know what got me through the hardest times, in my life...It is I would focused on others, which somehow made my burdens lighter. Go figure! I love to help others. My family, my friends, my church, my community. By helping I feel connected heart to heart. You have a lot of love in your life when you live like this. I get this from my Mother who taught me the love of service, and giving your best.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon, because my heart and soul tells me The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is His true church on the earth today. I was raised in the church. My parents met the missionaries, when I was young, and joined the church. My parents lived what they believed, and taught it to their children. They helped me feel it in my heart. We went to church, and my teachers, at church, helped me feel my Saviors love. Again they helped me feel it in my heart. It is a deep knowlege of truth. I was taught that the warm peaceful feeling that fills me up is the Holy Ghost bearing testimony of truth. I have felt that when I choose the right. I have felt it as I tell others my beliefs. I believe that Jesus was crucified and died for us, and that He was resurrected and He now Lives! I believe that after Jesus died, His church & His Priesthood were taken from the earth and there was a period of darkness on the earth. I know in my heart His church was restored to the earth by Heavenly Father & His Son Jesus Christ, through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I believe that His Priesthood has been restored to the earth. Priesthood holders have His power to act in His name here on the earth, blessing the sick and administering sacred ordinances to those on the earth today as He did when he was on the earth. His church is organized today as it was when He was on the earth. This church makes perfect sense to me.. ie. we believe in baptism by immersion, like Jesus was when He was baptized, our church has Apostles & Prophets, the same as His church had when He was on the earth. We believe that He still speaks to us today as He did to Prophets of old. We believe in temples, just as they had in Christ's original church. Of course His church today would have all of these. I believe in my heart and soul that it is true & that where I am, and how I am raising my family, is pleasing unto my Father in Heaven. My heart swells in gratitude for being a member of His true church!

How I live my faith

I live my faith in how I treat others. I love this saying..."When it is all said and done, what matters most, is how you treated people". God has given me a special love for children. I have taught and worked with children at church for many years. I also have done daycare in my home, as my career, for 30 years. When I am teaching them, they teach me. The simple faith of a child is a sweet thing to witness. They bring me such joy. I live my faith also in sharing my values. I was not impressed with a local art group that was placing art in our city, which was inappropriate for children. So I formed a nonprofit art organization, and we placed art that reflects our city's history. I have volunteered at school, and was on PTA when my children were young. I live my faith in how I serve others. I help in a community organization, made up of many different faiths, that work to assist the homeless and needy in our area. All of these have been such wonderful experiences for me. I have seen the Lord's hand helping me in all I try to do to help others. I live my faith by sharing my talents. I have taken on many assignments, that were much bigger than me, and what I could possibly do myself. The Lord helped me do it. He moved mountains for me. He helped me to accomplish these significant efforts. It was visible to me, and I physically felt His love and His help. It has strengthen my faith and testimony by being out in my community. He helped me let His light shine, through me. He is there! He lives and stands ready to help us succeed. For me, Faith is an action word like the word running, or jumping. My faith has grown from "doing". Like serving others, praying, reading His word in the scriptures, going to church and keeping the Sabbath day holy, obeying the commandments. All of these things are actions. They are the "doing" that helps me increase my faith.

What is the purpose of the welfare services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

The welfare services of the church is a wonderful thing. It is helping those in need as Jesus taught. The purpose is to help those in need of help, many who cannot provide for themselves. The widows, the fatherless, the sick. There is help for employment, and under employment, those with a job that is not making ends meet for their family. It is also a storehouse for help with food and supplies. It is mental and social help for those needing counseling. It is help for those families dealing with addictions. It is a hand up, not a hand out. They have the opportunity to help themselves and their family, by cleaning a ward building or working on the grounds, or working in the cannery or the farms where we grow and can the food. They can also come and fill orders for others, who cannot work. It helps them to feel they earned it, and their self esteem doesn't feel they are a charity chase, but that they provided it for their family. It means all the difference. Show more Show less

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Yes. The Answer is YES! This is one of the greatest blessings God has given His children, is to know that Marriage is not till death do us part. That we will keep on loving and have our families with us into the eternities. It makes perfect sense to me that a loving God would not allow us to end these cherished relationships when we die. I want my family with me forever! To know that I will see my Mother, Father & my brother again, who have died recently makes missing them easier. To also know I will have all my children and sweet grandchildren with me, after I die, is one of the most wonderful things a person can know, and it gives me such a peaceful feeling. I know it is a true principle of our Saviors plan for us. These eternal relationships are made in the Temple where we are sealed to our Families for time, AND ALL ETERNITY! Show more Show less

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

Absolutely not! The Lord’s law of marriage is monogamy unless he commands otherwise. Being married is much better than being single, so I say 2 is WAY better than 1...BUT 3's a crowd. = ) Here is what our Prophet has said, and he says it best.... President Gordon B. Hinckley, prior president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made the following statement in 1998 about the Church’s position on plural marriage: “This Church has nothing whatever to do with those practicing polygamy. They are not members of this Church.... If any of our members are found to be practicing plural marriage, they are excommunicated, the most serious penalty the Church can impose. Not only are those so involved in direct violation of the civil law, they are in violation of the law of this Church.” Show more Show less

How does the Church finance its operations?

The Church finances it's operations through tithes and offering, just as in times of old. The members willing pay 10 percent of their net income, to be used to pay for temples and meeting houses etc. It is exactly what it says. It is an offering. It comes from the heart. He has given us all, and we want to do this. It is also a commandment. There is a scripture...Will a man rob God? .. How have we robbed Him...through tithes and offerings! He promises blessings for those who are obedient to His law of tithes & offerings, that the windows of heaven will open and there will not be room enough to recieve it. I have testimony of this law and it's promised blessings. One I will share with you... When I was single with 3 children, we had no money, and we were praying for help. I always made sure tithing was always taken out first and paid, before I paid anything else. One night there was a knock on the door. No one was there when we opened it, but there on the doorstep were bags and boxes of groceries and items we specifically needed. He answers our prayers through others & I will forever be grateful to those who were His hands that night. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Yes, of course we are Christians. We believe in Christ, we preach of Christ, we think on Christ, we serve Christ, we pray to our Father in Heaven in Jesus Christs name, we worship Christ, as our Savior & Redeemer, our King. We love & adore Christ... and if that isn't enough to convince anyone...the name of our Church has His name in it. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He is the head of our church, and the center of our faith. Show more Show less

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

The missionaries will talk about God's love for all His children and how He has created a plan for His children, to help them return to live with Him someday. They teach of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how He organized His church while he was here, calling and ordaining Apostles. They tell how after He was killed and also His Apostles and Prophets too, His church was taken from the earth, and there was a long period of spiritual darkness. They'll teach of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His church to the earth in the Latter-days and how the heavens are opened again with modern day Apostles & Prophets, who are His mouth piece on the earth, just as they were in days of old. They teach about the Atonement and how we can repent of our sins and be forgiven through this great gift He gave us. They teach of baptism by immersion, just like Christ taught and had in His church of old. Best of all they teach with His love, and with the Spirit of the Holy Ghost who testifies of truth. Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Yes, Yes I do. The Lord has not forgotten us or left us alone to wander in darkness. The heavens are opened, and He speaks to us through the mouth of Prophets in our day, as he did is Moses day. He loves us all, and wants us to be with Him someday. If we keep our eyes, ears, and hearts rivited to our Prophets, and what they say, we will be able to live with Jesus someday. He is coming again to the earth. Oh Happy Day! I want to be there, with my family, and feel the holes in His hands and feet. I want to thank Him for all He has done for me. My Brother, my Savior & King! We are all on a journey here in this life on earth. I have learned that my journey is SO MUCH BETTER, when I have Him on my journey with me. I can invite him to join me, by listening to our Prophets and heading what they say. They speak His words. How wonderful it is to know that as we all need His guidance. Show more Show less

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

Both have very distinct, roles, but some are similar. The role of the husband and father in the home is to preside and provide for his family. His primary role is to love his wife and children, and to provide the physical things like shelter, food & clothes etc. Just as important...He is also to provide for his family spiritually, and emotionally too. The wife and mother's primary role is to nurture and love her family. She provides a spiritual strength as does her husband. Together they work to create a loving peaceful environment for their family. They do this through love and serving each other. Raising children is not easy, it does not come with an owners manual. To be succesful they will need to have their first priorities, God, each other, and their children, in that order. If the children see that their parents love and serve each other they will feel safe in their world. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

It is everywhere you look. In the sunset, in the magesty of a mountain covered with snow, in the waterfall, or ocean waves. It is in the birds song, and the colors of the butterflies. Nature and being out in it, away from the hustle & bustel of our world is a great place to feel it the most. It is in the miracle of a baby's birth, and the simple innocence of a child. It is is the tender merices of answered prayers. If you study science, just a tiny bit, you'll realize fairly immediately that this universe and this planet can not be a matter of chance. It all points to a higher power. A God who loving created it for His children to enjoy. Show more Show less

Who is the Mormon prophet today?

The Prophet on the earth today is, Thomas S Monson. He receives God's words for His people today, just as ancient Prophets did. The Prophet and the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are all Apostles and Prophets. When a Prophets dies, the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostels have a meeting, in the temple, and through the Holy Ghost they hear God's will of who the next Prophet will be. They are unanimous in this decision. God chooses the next Prophet. Show more Show less

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

The Lord and His laws are the same yesterday, today and forever. His laws are unchangeable. As it was in the days of old to today....Marriage is between a man and a woman, and is ordained of God. The very purpose of marriage is to multiply and replenish the earth and raising your children in righteousness. As it was in the days of old to today....Homosexuality and same sex marriages, go against God's law. It is immoral activity, and it is a sin. It is not ordained by God! That being said... I am to love all men, as Jesus taught. It is not for me to judge. It is for me to LOVE. God will judge. We are not all perfect. We all sin, but the wonderful thing about Jesus Christ's gospel is.. He loves all of us, sinners too!! He has made away for us to repent of our sins and become perfected through Him. It is a marvelous work and a wonder to be forgiven and to have your sins made clean. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

As a child I gained my testimony and strenghth from others, my parents, my teachers. They helped me feel things in my heart. It set the foundation for the rest of my life, to know that I can get answers to prayer and can know right from wrong by being still and listening. It is a beautiful thing to be filled with warmth, from my head to my toes. It is a feeling of peace, hope, comfort and overwhelming hapiness. For me, just ask anyone who knows me, it usually turns into tears running down my face. Sometimes even with goose bumps. The Holy Ghost is referred as a gift, that is because He testifies of truth, which is truely a gift. When Jesus was here He said he would send a comforter to help us, after he was gone. The comforter is the Holy Ghost. If you watch something inspiring that teaches truth, or hear some music that has a message of truth, He will testify to you that you are witnessing truth. For me it is a warm feeling. It is like a radio and you are tring to fine tune it to the station you want, without any static. You can do this with the Holy Ghost. You do this through living right and obeying His commandments and through sincere prayer you are fine tunning yourself so you can hear clearly the whispering of the Spirit. Show more Show less