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Hi I'm Rob Cuzner

I am a power conversion engineer from Wisconsin. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am married with three children. I work in an area that is called power conversion--that uses electronics and controls to shape and control energy. This is the enabling technology for such things as wind power, solar power, hybrid electric cars, electrically propelled ships, etc. In my 20+ career I have mainly worked on developing power systems for Navy ships and have become an expert in an area that is now becoming known world-wide as micro-grid technology. My job is very intense and doesn't leave me much time for hobbies. I have only two: playing the guitar and doing research on my family history. For me guitar is more than just playing some chords and songs. It has connected me with all kinds of people and helped me develop lifelong friendships with other musicians. I am generally able to play anything except for classical guitar--because I cannot yet get the right dynamics and coordination with my fingers on the right hand and I cannot read music. I play by ear and can generally pick up just about anything on the guitar after a few listens. I am getting better at playing with my fingers on my right hand but I need the pick to play fast. Genealogy research is very interesting for me because I have a unique name and all of us who are Cuzners believe that we are related in some way. This has not yet been proven but all evidence so far points to the fact that it is probably be true. With the internet I have created connections to Cuzners all over the world.

Why I am a Mormon

My grandfather's father, Sidney Bailey Smith, was an orphan living in Birkenhead, England in the early 1900s. At 18 he moved in with his brother George who had joined an unpopular religion--the Mormons. Through a series of miraculous events, he converted. He fought in World War I where he slept his nights in trenches and walked on patrol by day. He asked the Lord to help him to never have to use his firearm. That prayer was answered. After the war he moved his family to Alberta, Canada where he and his family remained faithful. My mother's grandmother, Nellie Gray, attended churches of many denominations seeking the "true" church. One day she was a given a Book of Mormon. When she read it, she knew it was true. She and her daughter embraced their membership in the church and were always faithful to the truth they found. My father's mother, Mary Thompson, joined the Mormons after she was taught by missionaries in Victoria, BC. She was true to her new faith to the end of her life. My step-father, Jimmie Wayne Daugherty was born in Oklahoma but, from a young age, never lived in any one place long as he was sent to live with one relative after another. At 16 he landed in Manti, Utah to live with his Aunt Ruby, where he stayed until he graduated high school and joined the Air Force. Jimmie studied the faith of his Aunt Ruby and decided to be baptized in the Mormon church. Since then he has always been faithful to his newfound faith. I am a Mormon because of Sidney, Nellie, Mary and Jimmie. At age 16 I read John 7:17: "If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine" and decided this was how I could know the truth of my faith for myself. I have followed this approach throughout my life: from serving a full time mission to accepting the call to serve as a Bishop even though at the time I worked as an engineer full time while pursuing a PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I've seen many miracles as I've trusted in the Lord's help.

How I live my faith

Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints gives me so many opportunities to serve and to connect with other people--many of whom are very different from me. Everyone in the church has the responsibility to care for and watch over at least a few other people by visiting them monthly. An important part of living my faith is to be faithful in that duty. As I result, I experience miracles on a regular basis. One of the greatest miracles to me is the ability to open my heart to another person and understand what they are going through. The teachings of my church give me tremendous insight into how I can love and care for others and how I can do this genuinely, even when it is an assigned duty. Building on that foundation, I know how to reach out to and serve many people, not just when asked to or assigned to do so. I also live my faith by serving and teaching my family. I have three grown children whom I admire very much because they are just very good people. I have a wife who has helped me achieve everything which is good in my life and who is the main reason I have such good kids. My wife and I make a study of the teachings of Jesus Christ a part of our daily routine so we can have a strong and personal understanding of what we believe. We try to live our lives the way He lived. We do not base our beliefs solely on what others tell us but on what we have learned for ourselves through study and a confirmation which comes through living what we believe and being guided by the Holy Spirit, which we believe will lead any sincere person to truth. We constantly strive to be true to what we believe so that we can be good examples to our children, so that they will follow the same path as we have. We have a strong desire to share what we have learned with others. We believe others can be lifted and changed because of the gift that Jesus Christ gave to the world, the gift of His life.