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Hi I'm Tim

I am a seeker after truth and light, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a Father and Husband; I have two growing teenagers and my lovely wife who is expecting another baby. I have a great love for my wife and children. I enjoy computers and work in the industry, I love to read and to learn new things, I have a keen interest in Nature and Astronomy.. Generally watching life around me or above me! I have always been fascinated in what makes things tick, and I don’t just mean the inventions of man, but the creations of God, the Universe, the Sun, the Planets, all life on this planet and the fine balance between them all, like a masterful orchestral piece weaving life’s greatest symphony. I have always been captivated by Man and his place in the Universe, what is it all about? Millions and millions of Galaxies, stars without number, worlds without end, but also on this one planet, millions of species, from bacteria to trees, from birds to fish. Life and the creation around me, is amazing! This hunger for knowledge and to learn all I can, has not been limited to this the physical plane, but the spiritual one as well. In my youth before I found the Church I often wondered and explored different ideas on our spirits, our inner self, the ‘me’ within this mortal body. What was it all about, where did we go and what did we do after this life. I have always believed in a God, a Supreme being, a Spiritual Father, who created all things, but I never really understood my relationship to him or what it was all about.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it answers my questions about my place in life. I was a seeker after truth and knowledge and the Church had the answers! When I heard the missionaries teach about the Gospel, I knew it was true, I just knew it. Like somebody telling you that water is wet! It just resonated within me, I had no questions or doubts. It all made perfect sense. But something more I learnt that I am a son of God, he is my Heavenly Father, the Father of my spirit and that I could turn to him at any time and talk to him about anything, the source of all light and Knowledge, but not only that but peace, love, hope and every other good thing. Reconnecting me with my Heavenly Father has been the greatest blessing in my life, that was 26 years ago now, and we still talk to each other.

How I live my faith

Finding your place in life and knowing you have a Heavenly Father, a purpose in life, does not shield you from pain or suffering or from making mistakes. We are here on Earth to learn and to grow and one of the best ways to grow is by helping others, providing service, by showing compassion and understanding to those around us. By counting our blessings when we are down or low, by looking up and not down. In our day to day lives we interact with people all the time, at work, our friends, our neighbours and our family, what is it to be a Christian, is it just to believe in Jesus Christ or is it to walk in his footsteps, but be like him, to smile, to encourage, to help and appreciate, to love all. This is how I try and live my faith, by trying to be as Christ like, as Christian as I can be.