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Hi I'm Lance

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi, I'm Lance. I'm an entrepreneur, a husband and father of two, and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Why I am a Mormon

I love the gospel of Christ. The love of God has filled my life so that there is no room left for doubt. Although I was raised in the LDS Church, I came to crossroads in my life where I had to choose between following Christ, and pursing what, at the time, seemed more exciting personal prospects. Gladly, I chose to have faith and my life has been blessed ever since--and the blessings have flowed steadily in every aspect of life. The eternal truth that God loves all of his children pervades every day of my life. The more I learn our Father in Heaven, the more I see His merciful hand in all things. I have felt the purifying, redeeming power of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ has made for all mankind, and I know that He invites each of us to follow him and receive the joy he has promised. He is truly the Son of God. Throughout recorded biblical history, God has always delivered the message of his Love through his Servants, the prophets. God does not change, and so He has again called servants--prophets and apostles--to proclaim the message of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. In every era God gives fruit, so that all who seek Him may taste of his Love for themselves. One of the powerful fruits He has given in our day is the Book of Mormon. Sadly, misconception abounds when it comes to the Book of Mormon, so I will say just this. I have never seen anyone undertake a sincere study of it, and come away wanting for the Spirit of the Lord, or the assurance that Christ died that they might have eternal life. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints claims, (and boldly so) that a fullness of Christ's gospel has been restored to the earth. To anyone for whom the pieces of life's puzzle do not seem to fit together, I invite you to learn more of what we have to share. "All things have been done in the wisdom of Him who created all things" and you may obtain the answers you seek directly from the source of all knowledge, God himself.

How I live my faith

The challenge to be a disciple of Christ in every aspect of life is a daily pursuit. Prayer and meditation combined with an earnest study of the scriptures (both the Bible, and the Book of Mormon) are cornerstones of my own personal worship. I find that the more I learn of Christ, the more I desire to follow Him. Like most members of the Church, I also have a specific assignment (referred to as a "calling") that relates to the function of our local congregation (a congregation is called a "Ward"). Callings range from Sunday School teachers, to youth-group leaders and all are accepted on a volunteer basis. My current calling is to assist the congregation as a whole in our efforts to share our beliefs with those who wish to learn more. I have a committee that I work with and we make an effort to hold community activities that build inter-faith bonds of friendship, provide service, and allow any with questions to feel comfortable in asking them. One aspect of living my faith is particularly meaningful. I have an incredible wife and two amazing kids. We believe that we lived with God in spirit before we came to live here on Earth and that our families, as they exist here, may be united in the same fashion in the eternities to come. As a result of this belief, the desire to be a loving husband and father is much more than just a mere response to an earthly responsibility, but a deep expression of faith. Additionally, this doctrine of families creates a yearning to reach out to estranged family members with expressions of love for we believe that Christ died not only to save us from our sins, but to make us whole, and we believe this applies to our families as much as to any thing else.