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Hi I'm Marlene

I am from sunny Arizona. I love the Arts. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a fixer. I try to fix problems, although I am learning that some people need to just be listened to and loved. I have many chances to solve issues daily, however, since my husband and I still have 6 of my 13 children living at home. Yes, we are crazy to have so many, but we wanted all of them and love our good kids dearly. Four are married (8 darling grandchildren!), 3 are away at college, and 6 are growing fast at home. Our oldest is 28 and our youngest just started 1/2 day kindergarten. So it is a new season for me. I answer when anyone calls "Mom!" But also, I absolutely love to do crossword puzzles. I enjoy reading, but usually pick the 6th grade level books that can be read in a sitting--when I need to escape into someone else's live for a little while! I adore beautiful music, and use it to help us settle down or wake up happy. I help at the schools in my small way, with Art Masterpiece and Music Masterpiece. I love teaching kids that Michelangelo is not a Turtle and Beethoven is not a dog! I just started on fulfilling a long time dream of becoming a ballerina! I am taking a beginning adult ballet class, and though it is HARD and I am learning very slowly, my body always feels terrific when I leave class!

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in a loving, Mormon home, in which I was taught to pray and to live the teachings of Jesus Christ. When I was in high school, I tried to share my beliefs with a friend who was interested, but he studied all Anti-Mormon literature he could find, and set out to prove to me that all the beliefs that were precious to me were false. I began to falter and really question, and I knew that I had to gain my own knowledge that what I believed was true. I couldn't rely on my parents' testimony anymore. I read the Book of Mormon, then set out to test the promise found on the last page of the book, that if I prayed, the Lord would tell me if it was indeed true. Well, I knelt to ask in a quiet room and felt a witness from heaven, a burning in my heart and my whole soul that told me it is true. I then knew also that Joseph Smith was a true prophet with the mission to restore Jesus Christ's gospel back to the earth. I believe the Gospel with all my heart, and I am happy when I live it. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

My greatest participation in my religion is in my home. I am constantly teaching my children the way to happiness. In the mornings before breakfast,, we have a family devotional in which we read and have a family prayer to fortify our kids. On Monday nights, we have a Family Home Evening in which we play games, do activities and learn a message that will teach our children values and truths. Often we have our teenagers teach. It has been effective to have an older brother or sister teach the younger siblings about their experience being honest or choosing good music. My current assignment in the church is to help with the Family History program. I help with the Indexing, in which we pull names from the census and other records, to make them available to those seeking their ancestors. I love "walking" through a neighborhood in Indiana or Alabama to "meet" these people and their families. I feel connected with the past and glad to help unite families.

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

We believe that our Father in Heaven is just that, a Father to our Spirits. He sent us here to earth to gain bodies and grow in experience. He gave us the freedom to choose what we would do, but not freedom from the consequences of our choices. He is awaiting for and hoping for our righteousness that we may return to Him someday. We believe that our Elder Brother Jesus Christ offered to come and take on mortality and show us the right way back to Father's presence. He came to suffer for our sins, in order that we can repent and thus learn from and correct our mistakes. He came to die for us, in order that we can be live again after we die, and not be doomed to death and hell. He is our path back to Father. It is by His grace that we can be happy now and return to our Father after this life. We believe that the Holy Ghost is also a member of the Godhead. He is the one who whispers in our ears and send comfort and peace. Jesus promised to send His followers a Comforter--this is the Holy Ghost. When Jesus was baptized, all three of these Gods were present. Jesus was baptized, Father spoke from heaven, and the Holy Ghost descended upon Him like a dove. All three work together as one, to our benefit. Show more Show less

Can husband and wife be together forever? Do you believe that families will live together in heaven?

I know with all my heart that husbands and wives can be together for forever. Because my sweetheart and I are determined to make our marriage last forever, we work harder on making our marriage work. We set out to be together forever, so we have to assume the best and let little things go and forgive and strive to serve one another. One of our favorite things is to have a weekly date, to get away just the two of us for an evening to talk and to enjoy each other. We have done this since we were first married. Our marriage is not perfect, but we are striving hard to make it last forever. I also believe that families can be together forever. When I was a young girl, my parents lost a baby boy who was born prematurely. A year and a half later, my little brother who was three months old, died too. It was a hard time for a 13 year old girl who dearly loved her baby brothers. Yet I knew that because our family was sealed together, I would be able to be with my brothers again. I would be awfully lonely in the next life without any member of my family. I can't fathom heaven without them. We Mormons do not keep from others the things that go on in our temples, as secret. Rather, we want to give these blessings to the entire earth. That's why we send our missionaries out to countries far and near, to bring these wonderful blessings to all. In fact, we want to share them for all who have EVER lived on this earth!! How's that for a goal! Show more Show less