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Hi I'm Guillaume

I'm French, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I come from a very loving family, not perfect but the best I could ever have. The faith of my Mother and Father, my Sister, and of the rest of my family made me what I am. God was present in my life, is, and ever will be because of their efforts to help me to get to know him personally. I will be eternally thankful to have been taught that we are actually observed, and watched over, and heard by our Creator, and also that he answers us if we attent to talk to him. This is one of the greatest gift to all humanity ! In my life I have tried to do and understand many things on my own, or with the help of my parents and friends, and I have succeeded, sometimes. But it has always been remaining many things which I never did or understood on my own, or with any help around me. They are things which are deep and often personal to everyone'soul. As the truth about who I really am, and not only in general but in a very personal way. This type of questions cannot be answered as precisely as we need it by any person around us. However, everyone who knows of the reality of Heavenly Father's existence will try one day to attent to talk to him and ask him an answer about these very important questions, as I have done it. Because of Heavenly Father's personal teachings to me I can affirm you today that : We are all "unique" and a "vital part" for the fulfilling the happiness and joy of all mankind. Nobody can or even as the right to compare himself to others, for we are all precious.

Why I am a Mormon

 Hope is Life ! That's true for everyone. Without hope there is no joy, and no reason to live. I don't know anybody who doesn't want hope, because it feels so good to hope in something that is good and true. But hope cannot remain with fear, incertainty, worries, false beliefs, because such hope is vain. Hope must surely be associated with Love, Faith, Patience, Charity, Joy, Confidence, Kindness, Courage, Perseverance, Compassion, Forgiveness, and all of this must be learnt line upon line, precept upon precept. There is only one teaching that can give that to us, and it is the teaching of the Savior Jesus Christ. Now, if to me Jesus is the Head of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, YES ! He is. Because He brought to us a good seed to plant in the best place of our heart, and this seed must surely grow stronger and stronger, bigger and bigger, wider and wider if it is really from him, and if we take care of it. If we notice that we do our best and it doesn't grow anymore, meaning the joy is dying, we may not have his seed but a wrong one. As for myself, and the essence of my own testimony, the seed I planted in my heart from the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in these last days has never stopped growing and bringing more joy to my life. I know that miracles are not done away for God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I know with surety that God answers all of our prayers, and I know that Jesus Christ lives and is our savior, and his love is as Heavenly Father's Love for us, too big to be completely understood of men. I leave these words in the name of Jesus Chjrist, Amen.

How I live my faith

 In my youth, meaning when I was younger than 18, It was hard to leave my standards and values in France. School is a place where we can change our path so easily, and so sadly. But I strive to show what I believe when it is necessary, I don't want to compromize my Joy from God with the distractions of outside. Not that I reject those who don't believe in what I Believe, but I don't accept those who want to change what I believe to be true. Today It became a habit, and even a reflex to say that I don't do certain things because I know that Jesus Christ Lives. It is the greatest blessing I could ever have in these hard times.

What is the Book of Mormon?

The Book Of Mormon is a record of the people who came from Jerusalem to the Americas, and who are the descendant of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, and also the ancestors of the American indians. Now, It is more precisely a summary of historical and spiritual writings from men who came to know God personally through fasting and praying, and serious study of the history and teachings of their ancestors. They had read, heard, and applied many lessons, already understood by their parents for centuries, so that they avoided the traps of life in order to come as close as they were to the knowledge of Christ. This record is then no less for us than what the Bible was for them and the other writings they had at this time. Thus, today we have two witnesses of the divinity and existence of our Father in Heaven, and of Christ, our Savior, and of the Holy Ghost : The "Bible" from the Jews, and The "Book Of Mormon" from the descendants of Joseph of Egypt. Both of them have been translated in many tongues so that we have them today, but The "Book of Mormon" is the only of them which conserved in its fulness the wordings, and clarity that it had when it was first written, and that because it has been translated by the power and the gift of God through a modern prophet, even as Moses was a modern prophet for the Jews. This chosen man of great faith and devotion was Joseph Smith, born in America on the year 1805. The "Book Of Mormon" is the evidence that he restored Christ's Church. Show more Show less