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Hi I'm Suzanne

I am a Mormon convert. In addition to raising a large family, I've worked outside the home most of my life.

About Me

People who meet me think I have had it easy. I have great big family, a nice home, a super husband and a comfortable lifestyle. It hasn't always been so easy and frankly it is not always easy now. I've been through a tough marriage and a sad divorce. I've parented rebellious teenagers and I've raised children who resented me not being their real mother. I did not always say and do the right thing nor have I always learned from my mistakes. Fortunately, I joined the church as a younger adult and it has been my mainstay during the struggles and losses I have had to face. At present my husband and I are semiretired and we do treatment foster care- a challenging job and a blessing. Many of these children have faced a world of neglect and abuse and little compassion. In the past I have worked as a teacher, principal and a nurse. For the most part, I found being a stay at home foster mom more challenging than working outside the home.

Why I am a Mormon

The missionaries came to my door when I was a new mom. They asked me if I knew that I had existed before I was born. Somehow I had always known this. They spoke about a spirit world and the decision each one of us made to choose free (moral) agency rather than Lucifer's plan to bring us safely back to our Father in Heaven. As they spoke I felt a confirmation of what they said and I knew it was the Holy Ghost letting me know that what they said was true. Still, I waited to join the church until I had heard the missionary lessons and got up enough nerve to tell my mother about my plan to be baptized into the church.

How I live my faith

I have served in a number of positions in the Church. It seems I have always been a teacher of some sort and I have most often worked in the women's organization and youth programs. Currently, I teach a Youth Sunday School Class weekly, a lesson for the women's organization monthly and I was just called to be a Branch Missionary. These "jobs" have helped strengthen my personal testimony as well as, (I hope) the testimonies of those I serve by teaching. It is amazing how the Church has helped me to improve the talents that I have and to gain new ones, also.

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

Well, doesn't the Bible teach us all to set aside one tenth of all that we earn for the Lord? Mormons believe in following the Lord's commands. Actually Mormons are expected to donate tithing (10%), to give a fast offering (the cost of two meals during a twenty four hour fast each month) and to financiallly support the education fund (a program to help support students in foreign countries to obtain higher education.) We are also expected to donate funds to the Church Welfare Program. The Church is then able to send financial assistance for emergency relief during world crises, to assist the poor and build more chapels and temples throughout the world. through personal experience, I have found that as I give generously of my money I have been richly blessed both financially and in other areas my life I have been richly blessed. Show more Show less

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Unlike the stereotypical view of Mormon women, I find that Mormon women are as diverse in personality, looks, professions and interests as possible. I personally like this fact. My Mormon friends as well as the women I work with at church have varying viewpoints on politics, community, schools, namebrands, foods, restaurants, athletics, childrearing, talents and interests. As to the question of equality of men and women, you would have to know me better than to ask this question! A non-member friend once asked me why someone as I free thinking as I could tolerate the patriarchal attitude of the Mormon church. My friend did not understand the difference in roles and equality. I and the Mormon church believe that men and women are equally important. Our roles are different at times, yes, yet at other times they are the same. Men and women, fathers and mothers are equal partners in marriage and the rearing of children. Show more Show less