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Hi I'm Gene

I'm a Mormon. I was born a Tar Heel and grew up on the beautiful coast of North Carolina. I've been married now nearly 42 years.

About Me

I'm a father of 5 with 7 grand children. I've been a Certified Financial Planner for 20 years with my own firm and enjoy helping people plan their futures. My wife is my best friend. We love to hike and bike single track trails throughout Indiana. Scuba diving is one of our favorite activities and we do at least one exotic trip each year. Our happiest times are with family and friends. We do lots of things together...like picnics, sports events, Frisbee golf, go-carting around our property, and attending a wide variety of Church activities each month. The most significant thing that has ever happened to us was in 1972 when two Mormon missionaries knocked on our door to share a message about the life of Jesus Christ. That's when we came to know our Heavenly Father had restored his Church to the Earth. We learned we are his children, where we came from, why we're here and where we're going when we die. This has made all the difference as we have grown in our faith and understanding of our purpose here in this life. The second most significant thing happened when a couple of Army officers knocked on our door about midnight on 10/27/09 with a message that our son, an Army Sargent, was killed by an IED attack on his Stryker Unit along with 7 of his comrades while on a mission in Afghanistan. This has been our greatest challenge, but with it has come our greatest strength. We know that God lives and his Gospel has been restored. We have Hope that we will be together again forever.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I took time to listen to a couple of Mormon missionaries who knocked on my door in 1972. There was a spark in their eyes and from the first moment they entered our home we felt they had something very special to tell us. As they shared their message about how the Lord’s Church had been restored to the earth, I was impressed that the things they spoke of were true. They told of a young boy in 1820, by the name of Joseph Smith who went into a grove of trees near his home and prayed to know which church was true. As he knelt in fervent prayer that spring morning he was visited by our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. After leaving the grove, Joseph was guided and directed by the Lord for nearly two decades before he was martyred for his beliefs . It was during this time that the Church was restored to the earth and now it has over fourteen million members living in over 150 countries of the World. Shortly after our second or third visit with the missionaries a very good friend of mine stopped by and I told him about my excitement with the Church. He immediately discouraged me and said a number of negative things about the Church. I told him that I was just investigating because I knew that no one could make an intelligent decision without all the facts. I suggested that he should go through the same discussions on his own and afterwards we could get back together and talk. He agreed. About five weeks later my friend knocked on my door. When I opened it, he said I’m doing it...I said, you’re doing what. He said, I’m joining the Church. Then I said, wait a minute, we were suppose to talk about this first. He then told me... you can do what you want but, I know it’s true and I’m going to be baptized. So about a week later, my friend and I, with his wife and mine, were all baptized into the Lord’s Church. That was almost 40 years ago and it’s truer today for me than it was back then. That’s the reason I’m a Mormon. It’s because it’s true!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to apply the things I have learned in life. In most cases, we as humans, tend to talk more about our beliefs than live our beliefs. The quote ”After everything’s been said and done, mores’ been said than done” could be the human billboard. For me, actually living my faith has been the greatest challenge. Hypocrisy is such a comfortable path. It’s so much easier to just talk about stuff than to do it. Most of us have heard “Faith without Works is dead”. My faith is multidimensional and started out as possibilities of Truth. Then, as I studied and prayed, I decided to incorporate those possibilities into what I believed. When I took those beliefs one more step, by acting upon them, I experienced the effects of truth. , Then, I made those things apart of my Faith. Living one’s faith is a process. It has been my experience, by applying and experimenting with the truths of the Gospel, my faith has grown and increased and so has my joy. My faith is based on two simple concepts found in the scriptures which I believe are the source of all truth. First, love God and second, love my fellow man. The Church has given me such great opportunities to live those concepts. The law of tithing has been one way I have been able to live my faith. Initially, in my early days in the Church, especially when money was tight, I found that principle a lot easier to talk about than to live. However, after several attempts to justify that I needed the money more than God did, I realized that when I took the money that I should have used to pay my tithing I never ended up ahead. Something would always come up and put me behind again. Finally, I gave in and decided to trust God, love him and obey his law. He had promised in His law that all things would be provided. Time and time again when tempted to do things my way, as I exercised faith and acted on my beliefs, I was blessed and somehow, even miraculously sometimes, we saw God’s hand lift us through our challenges.