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Hi I'm Mathew

I'm British and Filipino. I love food. I love to play chess. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hello and good day to you all who are reading this. My name is Mathew Graham Hubert Hugh Van Jenkins, I was born and raised in Cardiff, Wales until I turned sixteen. I then resided in Buffalo, NY for two years and then Bristol, England for one year. I am now serving a full-time mission in the California Santa Rosa Mission.  Before my mission I loved to play rugby, squash, and competitive chess. I enjoy anything that requires mental or physical exhertion. I have not yet attended university. I spent the year working in Bristol, England for my father's company. I established an American branch of the company The Woodcarvers Guild. I love to work and the laugh. 

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up I didn't believe that there was a God. I always felt that if there is a God then why would there be so much suffering? I was raised in a single parent home, my father wasn't really around. My motto in life was "Don't knock it until you've tried it" I felt that life should be enjoyed. My mother, who is from the Philippines had a sister who was a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and also her family. I always admired the love and happiness which I saw whenever we visited. I admired my uncle greatly for his love he showed as a husband and father. I was fourteen years old when the missionaries came knocking at my door, the first thing I did was turn off the living room lights in hope that they would leave, they did. Eventually it became a recurring thing and I decided to let them in and was partly curious as to who they were and why they kept knocking at my door. They handed me the Book of Mormon and invited me to read and pray about it. They visited many times and I gave them well thought and researched questions, I tried my hardest to stump them, they even extended the challenge "If there is a question that we can't answer with the Scriptures, we'll give you ten pounds, not including the questions that nobody knows." I never did win that ten pounds. All the answers they gave me made complete sense, I felt at peace as I learnt and could not deny the feelings of my heart. I know that this is Jesus Christ's one true church. the more I learn intellectually and spiritually and the discoveries that science reveals, confirm the divinity of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. There is a Prophet on the earth today and God continues to talk to man just like he did in the primitive church found in the New Testament.  

How I live my faith

When I first joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints it was a huge change of life which I wasn't ready for. I still held on to some of my habits living two lives if you will. The more I attended church, studied the scriptures, said daily prayer, and obeyed the commandments, I began to see my way of living and thinking change. It went from wanting be a 'bachelor' until I turned thirty years old to younger, going out clubbing to retiring to bed early, playing rugby on the Sabbath to not playing on the Sabbath, the list goes on and on. Obedience is the first Law of Heaven, and so that is how I strive to live my faith, one day at a time. I continually make mistakes sometimes large and sometimes small, I know that through the Atonement of Christ I can be forgiven for my wrong-doings and be forgiven for my sins.