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Hi I'm Rich

I'm a Mormon, serving in the United Stats Air Force.

About Me

I am an Air Power, Ukulele loving, Barbershop harmonizing, explosives (EOD) enthusiast. I love my God, Family, and my country.

Why I am a Mormon

I was a cold day but my heart was colder, I took the milk off my tray and with the look of death march up to him and attacked! I can remember the rage that exploded inside me I wanted to really hurt this other kid. As others around pulled us apart, the milk still pouring down his face, I stared a laugh spurred from the adrenalin; it was October the 5th 1992. I had only once in my life ever cried as uncontrollably before as I did that night. It was almost one year previously that as I sat alone in the dark hallways of the Tierrasanta San Diego Chapel I began to pray for anything, literally anything, for at that time in my life I felt nothing for anything and it was an empty lonely feeling and I couldn’t bare it anymore. I was decided that I would pray until God made himself known to me, as If my arrogance could command him to come to me I prayed for quite a while feeling pretty sorry for myself, and then resolved that he wasn’t going to answer me. No sooner as I thought this than I began to receive my answer; There was no blinding light, no booming voice or any noise for that matter, and I saw no vision. Just a knowledge that God was, that he knew who I was, that he would do everything in his power to love me, and all he wanted was that I only love him too. This knowledge just can to me, though I couldn’t understand just how or when it did. But now I knew. Not believed but knew, like I know how push the right buttons that bug my sister, or the way salt water tastes on the rim of your mouth after a swim in the ocean. For the first time in my life I knew who I was. So a year came and past, yet I found myself that night sitting in my room and that same emptiness that I had felt that year previous engulfed me. I knew I was alone; the feeling was devastating and sickening. As the realization sunk in my heart sank and I was suddenly nauseous. As I sank in to the boll of the bathroom I began to cry for mercy and instantly felt that knowledge again. This awareness that now gives me the strength it my darkest days, and has never left me. It is the anchor of my faith, and the source of my testimony. Because of it I cannot deny the truth.

How I live my faith

I do what I must, I honestly don't think about how I live as much as I should.