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Hi I'm Stephen

I'm from Guatemala and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I am the oldest in a family of four, I have two little sisters and a little brother. My family and I have been pretty strong in physical activities growing up, reciently my family has taken up snowboarding and that is a large favorite for the most of my family. Through highschool, I was highly involved in Parkour and gymnastics, most my free time and friends consisted of those two. After highschool I moved out of my house for sudden and unplanned reasons and started moving from place to place, working for life and also to save up for a mission in my church. The two years from then on was spent working in concrete and on a farm, away from my family.

Why I am a Mormon

Mormon from birth, not usually the most intresting or exciting start on a convertion story, but from what I have learned studying out my faith, I am blessed and grateful that I had the start I did. Growing up I always took for granted the doctrine and the dininity of this church. I knew everything that was taught to me but I don't believe I ever put all the pieces together to see the big picture until I was leaving my teens. There is someting very important called a testimony that is talked about alot in the church, and a testimony is more or less something you have knowledge in and believe when pertaining to the things of God. I have always had a testimony of the things I have been taught, I have seen the miracles of prayer and the power of the Priesthood growing up, but I didn't really gain a strong firm testimony until I started doing things the old school way, pure study through the scriptures with deep real prayer. I know that there is a God, He loves us and He is everything for us. I have a testimony that when we really realize the need we have for him and humble ourselfs in His behalf, he shows us His love and gives us the things that we need and want. I believe I'm a Mormon because things should be done the way that God wants them to be done, no matter what anyone else says, all we need to do is find out what the true desires of God are.

How I live my faith

I live my faith currently serving a full time two year mission. Its something in the church where we have the opportunity to leave the normal everyday life and share our testimonies about the church and try to bring all our brothers and sisters closer to Jesus Christ. After my mission, I have a very large desire to continue serving those who don't have it made as well as I have. I believe that my blessings could be better used to bless the lifes of others, maybe thats why I have seen so many tender mercies in my life.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

We are all sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven, and we have been sent here to live life, learning from our mistakes, and to finding true, everlasting happieness along the way. The structure of the family allows God's children to be born into a firm foundation, with a mother and father there to hold their hands through their precious early years of learning. It is within the walls of our homes where we can teach and prepare our families for the extreme dangers that can be found in the world. The relationships that can be obtained in the strength of a family are safe havens allowing us to when fallen, recieve healing words of councle or comfort, have a shoulder to cry on, and all the many more needs that one may find along the path of life. The love that can be found in no other place but within the closeness of our families allowes us to recognize, feel, and understand the perfect love that God has and shows for us. Show more Show less