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Hi I'm Barry

I am an analyst, optimist, martial artist, part time poet, avowed family man, and--oh yes, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

As a martial artist I have found joy in helping people gain skills, confidence and balance in their lives. After joining the Church, I found many opportunities to relate karate concepts to gospel principles. Truth is transferrable, wherever it may be found. One example comes from the Book of Mormon, as Lehi taught his son, Jacob, the necessity of “opposition in all things.” I readily recognized his teaching as the principle of the “reconciliation of opposites” depicted by the Yin and Yang symbols, of ancient China. As a writer, I enjoy observing nature for myself to extract and unravel some of her lessons. Poetry helps me to explore, refine and share those discoveries. A love for symbolism and poetic devices sprang from reading Proverbs, Psalms, Isaiah, Job and John. Most of all, the power of Christ's parables and analogies have always resonated with me. My own latest poetic adventure has been to write an extended allegory about overcoming and finding fulfillment. It is called, GARDEN OF HOPE. As a web geek, I designed the web site using html and javascript to share my allegory. It can be found at : http://gardenofhope.atwebpages.com. Feel free to browse it, or even provide some feedback, if you like.

Why I am a Mormon

Tearing-up, completing the final page of the Book of Mormon, I slipped off my bed and onto my knees, to boldly ask in prayer, if this book were not true. I asked if my Heavenly Father could send something tangible to me, that I might know outside of my own emotions and my deep desire to know. Precisely at that moment...a knock came at the door. Heavenly Father knew those missionaries would bike several hilly miles in the dark of winter and driving rain, all to follow-up on a referral they had received. They "stood at the door," but to me, it was Christ who knocked. My mom had quickly turned them away, but, hearing their knock, I abruptly ended my prayer, jumped to my feet, bolted for the back door, ran around the house, and caught them astride their bikes. I reassured them that I wanted to finish the discussions begun six months earlier and four hundred miles away. I told them that I had just completed the Book of Mormon, had been on my knees, asking to know if it were true. They assured me that it was. Never have I seen such big smiles on missionaries half so wet! In the miracle of that moment, I decided to be baptized, even as I briefly shared rain and smiles with these drenched disciples--messengers sent to me from God. Later, when I felt that I would freeze while serving my own mission in northern Sweden, the thought of those dripping, smiling missionaries warmed me enough to continue proclaiming the gospel to a cold and needful world.

How I live my faith

How do I live my faith? I live my faith, like anyone else I suppose, one day at a time. Some days I do better than others, but I try to keep moving forward with my faith in Christ. Though I’ve served in a variety of church positions, I feel that the best way to live one's faith is with a ready smile, a helping hand and with shoulders willing to share another's burdens.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

People have asked me, "Don't Mormons teach that they can earn their way to heaven?" To which I have to honestly answer, "No. How could anyone ever seriously hope to do enough to earn, 'all that the Father hath'?" We believe that no one can return to live with Christ and his Father, "save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah, who layeth down his life" as "an intercession for all" (found in the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 2:8,10) I believe that through the power of Jesus Christ's resurrection, that you and I will one day be resurrected as a free act of grace from God. Additionally, I believe that we can be saved and live in God's presence if we choose to accept the further grace that He offers us through living his gospel. Through faith, repentance, and covenanting to do his will, I yield to the power of Christ's sacrifice and atonement that pays the price for my sins, transforms my heart and directs my life. Though I readily admit to being an "unprofitable servant", (his blessings always far exceed my service), I have confidence in his promises and give thanks to Him for his patience, his love and his constant and amazing grace. Show more Show less