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Hi I'm Colten

I grew up in a small town, on a ranch in Utah. Im a cowboy, And im a Mormon.

About Me

My dad had me on a horse before i could even walk, And i havnt been able to get out of the saddle ever since! My mother taught me that patience truly is a virtue, and that this is esspesially true when your livin on a cattle ranch- things rarley turn out like you plan and its easy to become discouraged if you dont have the right mind-set. My deep love for horses and working with livestock has been with me all my life and i owe it all to my parents. They taught me to work hard and to love the work i do, no matter how hard is was. I love pushing myself to the limits, and seeing just how far i can really go if i try my hardest. I joined my local volunteer fire department about two years ago for this very reason. Not only do i get to help people in need, but i get to test my abillity, and drive myself as far as i can, physically, and also to learn as much as i can everytime we go out. I plan to continue my education as an Emergency Medical Technition after my service as a full-time missionary for the church. I love to get in and help people whenever i can- This was ingrained in me at a very young age by my parents and esspscially my grandfather. I can recall numorus occations when me and him would be driving somewhere, probably headed to haul hay or fix a few fences, and would pass someone who was broke down, or in need somehow, He would ALWAYS stop! no matter how pushed for time we were, no matter who it was, where we had to be, or what we had to do, he would never pass an opportunity to help someone. What an example!!  I am forever greatful for the examples I have had all throughout my life. They have made me who I am today. 

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church. I have seen what the gospel can do in the lives of those who allow it to work within them. It has strengthened me and my family so we can over come the trials that come in life. Being a Mormon and living the princapals taught in the church has made me strive to be a better person, and do alittle bit better everyday. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Christs true church established on earth in these latter days. Through Joseph Smith, the Lord restored his church, so future generations could enjoy the blessings of the gospel. This to me truly shows us all how much God really loves us, and wants us to return to live with him forever!  

How I live my faith

 At this point in my life, I am striving to better live my faith by searving a full-time, two year mission for the church.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

If we could simply take the time to look at the world around us, the beauty of the earth is enough to prove to me personally that there is a God. An early morning sun-rise, a star-filled night, a warm, green spring day are all gifts that stand as testimony that there is a God. Through scripuer study and prayer, we can come to this same conclusion. God wants us to know he's there. He wants to bless our lives and help us in any way he can that we may eventually return to live with him forever. Show more Show less

What is faith?

Faith is something we all can posess. Faith is what helps us get through each and every day, no matter how tough things get. It is knowing that the lord will aid us in our hard times. Searving a mission has taken a great deal of faith, and has strangthened my love and faith in my Heavenly Father and my savior Jesus Christ. It has caused me to put all my trust in them to have the courage to leave my family, my little town, my comforts of home, and dedicate all my time and energy to serving him and my brothers and sisters who are searching for the truth. There is no greater blessing than to be able to have the opportunity to serve the Lord, and have a chance like i do now at this point in my life to come closer to my Heavenly Father and my brother Jesus Christ. We all can gain a greater faith by studying the scriptures, and finding opportunities to serve one another, just as Christ would serve us all.    Show more Show less