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Hi I'm Ryan Frandsen

I'm a missionary, I'm a student, I'm an Ultimate Frisbee Player, I'm a brother and a son, and I'm a Musician. I am a Mormon.

About Me

Wow! There is really so much i could put here! Ha ha for starters i guess, i'm currently a missionary for this (LDS) Church! before i was on my mission, i was a student studying medicine as well as an avid Ultimate Frisbee player! All my life i've been involved with music and theatre. i've also been involved with sports since i was a small child! i love learning new things and i hope to someday become a doctor! I love my friends and i enjoy spending time with them playing videogames, playing Frisbee, or just hanging out! I love music and i feel strongly that music can speak directly to the soul! I love to play music and sing! i would love to learn to play the piano and i've learned some guitar which i LOVE! ha ha i'll play for hours on end if i have the chance! I love my family dearly and right now i miss them very much being so far from home as a missionary. Someday i want to have a family of my own. Being a father will be my greatest calling in life. I want to raise my children to know Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I'm a passionate person and I firmly believe if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. I respect truth and righteousness where ever I encounter it! In fact, I would not only stand in defense of my faith, but i would also stand and defend any other follower of Christ no matter what religious sect or denomination they belong to! I know that i do things differently but i think that's the way life is supposed to be and to me, it's worth it!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born to two people under circumstances that i know very little about. Three days after my humble entrance into this world, i was adopted by my two loving parents whom i love with all my heart. My parents were both members and growing up, i was raised in this church. However, there came a time in my life that i had to find out for myself what is true and what is not. I often "went through the motions of a Latter-Day Saint life" without really putting much thought into why i was doing or saying the things i was doing and saying. In short, i didn't really have a personal relationship with my Heavenly Father the way i thought i should. After much soul searching, endless tears, and countless hours of prayer, i finally decided that i had to know for myself what was true and what was not. i got on my knees and prayed to our Heavenly Father and just pleaded with Him to know what was right. i pleaded to Him to show me the path that He wanted me to take. when i got up from my knees i didn't see any lights or signs that showed to me in great splendor that my prayer was answered but i did feel something. i felt at peace with myself and all my fears and doubts and confusion were gone. i don't mean to make it seem like it came all at once but rather that was where it started for me. I'm still being converted little by little each and every day. I've felt and continue to feel the grace of the Savior changing me to become more like Him!

How I live my faith

Currently, I'm living my faith by being a full-time missionary! the decision to serve a the Lord was not an easy one to make but now that I'm serving my God and my fellow man, i wouldn't trade these two years for the world! As a full-time missionary, i have elected to go where ever the Lord called me to go and serve as his servant for a duration of two years preaching the gospel of His Son, Jesus Christ, and administering to my spirit brothers and sisters in the same ordinances that were performed by priesthood holders at the time Christ Himself was on the earth. I have left my family, my friends, my life, my all for the next two years and have devoted it completely to God. I feel strongly that this isn't really a sacrifice because the idea of a "sacrifice" implies giving up one thing for another thing of equal or sometimes slightly greater value. To me, the blessings I receive by serving Heavenly Father are worth far, far more than what I've given to be here. I truly believe these aren't merely the best two years OF my life.... I believe they will also be the best two years FOR my life!

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Ryan Frandsen
Authority to do ANYTHING is important. If something is done without the proper authority, then it isn't binding! For example, if you were driving along and the ice-cream man turned on his little song and started flashing his lights at you. For some reason you decided to pull over and he gets out and tries to give you a ticket for speeding. Are you going to pay that ticket that the ice-cream man gave you? OF COURSE NOT! why? because he doesn't have the authority to give you that ticket! It's so important when ordinances like baptism are performed that they are done so by the proper authority from God. That authority is the priesthood which was taken from the earth in the years following Christ's death and was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. Show more Show less

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

Ryan Frandsen
The Word of Wisdom is counsel that we as members of the church choose to follow that tells us a little bit about how to take care of our bodies in order to stay healthy! Since the body is a temple for the spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19-20), spiritual health is directly connected to physical health. It's important to keep our bodies healthy so we can have good spiritual and mental health! Show more Show less

What are Mormon Temples used for?

Ryan Frandsen
Families here on earth are meant to last much longer than "...until death do you part...". In fact, they are supposed to last forever! Temples are special places where sealing ordinances take place. Sealing ordinances are sacred ordinances that seal husbands and wives together for eternity. They are also sacred ordinances that seal children to their parents for eternity. These ordinances don't just happen, they have to be done by the proper authority. Temples are also a place where sealing ordinances as well as the ordinances of salvation, namely baptism and confirmation, are done via proxy for those who have passed on and no longer have the opportunity to do these ordinances in life (see 1 Corinthians 15:29). Show more Show less