Taylor: Christian, Idaho, Wrestling, Outdoors, BYU, Snowboarding, Mormon.

Hi I'm Taylor

About Me

Currently I am one of those guys from Rexburg Idaho going to school all year. I actually have enjoyed it, and love the changes that come from marriage. I have been married just over two years now, and have been the happiest I have ever been. My wife and I love taking on new challenges and activities. We started snowboarding just a few years ago and have embraced the powder. We love camping, I love fishing, she hates fish, and it just works great.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in a Latter day saint family, who followed gospel standards, and helped me grow to gain my own testimony. I consider my parents very loving, and successful in raising their family. They have been the greatest examples in my life, and have been a base for me whereby I have grown and developed a solid belief of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a member because everyday that I live this glorious plan it brings peace, and contentment to my life. My life is filled with purpose and light, while emptiness vanishes with the lonely darkness.

Personal Stories

How has The Book of Mormon helped you understand the purpose of life?

As I grew up my parents helped me learn and grow in the church. But once I got older and had to make the choice on my own to serve a mission. I had to gain that testimony for myself that the church was true, and that the book of Mormon is Gods words to his holy prophets. Several times in my life was I able to take the promise of the book of Mormon into action, and pray about it for myself. I never had an incredibly strong spiritual experience when I took this challenge. I knew that I had had many other experiences with my family that have strengthened my testimony, however I always had the thought that I all ready knew that the book of Mormon was true. When I entered the missionary training center, where we go to prepare for are services in the mission. We had a multiple missionary activity about the book of Mormon, where we shared our testimonies of the book of Mormon. I was able to share what I previously mentioned above. Then we went to the next phase of the activity, where we watched a talk by one of the 12 apostles in the LDS church. It was a talked that I had seen before, Elder Holland testified to the world that the book of Mormon was true. When I saw this again, just after bearing my own testimony of the book, I had an indescribable feeling overcome my whole body, tears fled down my eyes, and I absolutely knew that the book of Mormon was true. After all those times praying it just took diligence to the Lord. I can stand today and say the same thing that an Apostle of God said to the world, and testify of the truthfulness of the book of Mormon. I know it has blessed my life, and I know that it will bless anyone life who reads it, and that everyone can gain a testimony of the book of Mormon.

How I live my faith

Because i love my family so much, I do my best to make them proud. But just like I have a father here on earth I have a Father in Heaven, and I know that he loves me and wants the best for me. In the scriptures Jesus Christ Commanded us to Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect ST Matthew ch. 5 vs. 48. I know we can only receive this gift through the precious atoning sacrifice and love of our savior Jesus Christ. I love him, and am grateful for all his blessings. Because I believe in Him, my choices are affected daily and I really do find such a great happiness and peace. I can't even . Everything good that I have comes from him. This of course is not without my challenges. But I realize those very challenges are why were here. I just do what I can to make the best of them, but it's not always easy.