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Hi I'm Claira

I love physics. I love nature. I love to run. I love to cook. I love my family. I love my Savior.

About Me

I am a high school physics teacher and cross country coach. I love to run. I also love anything that gets me outdoors, including hikes, bike rides, walks, or just sitting outside and reading. I feel peace and close to my Savior when I am outdoors. I also love to cook, especially foods from other cultures of the world. I never pass an opportunity to try a new type of food. My favorites are Indian, African, Greek, and Middle Eastern foods. I also love books. I love to read good literature. A good book can take me across the world and lead me through another life, while I sit on my couch and sip hot cocoa. I am married to an incredible man. We met while attending college. We love to spend time together. We both enjoy reading, music, and playing board games. Jesus Christ is central to our marriage. I love the Mormon church. My whole family is Mormon, including my grandparents, cousins, parents, and siblings. The church brings us closer together. We are united in our faith and love to share our testimony with one another. Being a member of the Mormon church has always brought joy and peace into my life, even when things aren't easy. I love it.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Mormon faith. My parents, and my parent's parents, are members of the church. I was taught the truths and traditions of the church when I was young. I was baptized when I turned 8 years old, like most people who are raised in the church, and didn't really think much about it. The next day I received the Gift of the Holy Ghost, like all members, which was the real key to my conversion. When I think back on my life, my conversion to the church has been very gradual. I think I have always known that God loves me and that He knows who I am. When I was a young child I was very timid and fearful of all sorts of things. I was scared of being home alone, I was scared of the dark, I had many social fears, I was scared of snakes, dogs, cats, spiders, worms, water, choking, drowning, etc. The list could go on and on. I can remember learning when I was very young, probably 8 or 9, that when I prayed, I felt peace and relief from these fears. I prayed every night that I would not have bad dreams and that I would not be scared of turning off the lights. I would then sing primary songs or quote scripture until I fell asleep. Gradually, my life filled with light and faith, and the fear subsided. As I grew into a teenager, my faith became more concrete. I began reading and learning the doctrines of the church. I learned to love reading scriptures. I also learned to love the truths that the Mormon church teaches. I felt, through the Gift of the Holy Ghost, that the things that I read and heard were true. I loved the way I felt when I was at church and serving. When I moved out of my house, I began to realize that I really needed to learn all of the truths for myself. I could no longer rely on the faith of my parents. I started devoting more time to study and prayer. The things I learned didn't come all at once, but over time I have had many truths confirmed to me. I now know with all my heart that the Mormon church is true, and that is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

One thing that I love about the Mormon church is how much it really works in my life. When I do good things, I feel good. It is that simple. I live my faith first by doing things that increase my faith. This includes church every Sunday. I love going to church and feeling the spirit of Christ. The spirit will tell me things that I need to improve or change that week. I love seeing my friends and making new friends at church. Another way I increase my faith is by reading the scriptures daily. I try to read the Book of Mormon everyday. Aside from that, I often study from the bible. I especially love the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John because they tell stories of Jesus. I also love to study talks by the Prophets and Apostles. I listen to them on my way to and from work most days. Finally, I increase my faith through prayer. I try to pray every morning and night, as well as through out the day as is needed. When I have important questions or struggles, I will spend more time reading, pondering, and praying so that I can receive personal answers to my questions. I love live my faith by acting upon the things that I know and learn. I live by the standards that I learned as a youth. Some of these standards include: chastity and fidelity, clean language, modest dress, clean media, uplifting music, healthy food, no drugs or alcohol, etc. I try to avoid anything that seems like it would degrade or offend the spirit of Christ. I also try to fill my life with service. This sometimes includes bringing people dinner, or helping them clean up their house. Sometimes service is more simple, like calling a friend or listening to someone who is having a bad day. Finally, I try to maintain good relationships where ever I go. I try to be a kind and uplifting influence for my family, my colleagues, my students, and my athletes. I think that kindness is the essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ.