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Hi I'm Rob

I believe in Christ. I love him with all my heart I am bringing people to him. I am Mormon

About Me

 Growing up I was a very active child. I spent everyday of my growing up years dreaming and finding adventures. Usually upon finishing each adventure I would scratched my head and ask myself why I would think of something like that. I remember one time my brother and I thought it would be fun to climb on the roof of our house. We thought it out and successfully found a way up there but we didn't get as far as to think how to get down. It didn't matter because I came down before expected and Broke both my arms. Needless to say I continued to love being active. My favorite thing to do is to be somewhere were no one has been before or do something that no one has done before. My brothers and I loved to go snowboarding in the winters and wakeboarding in the Summers. We would push ourselves to the limit by seeing who could do the coolest flips off the cliffs at our cabin. I love my Mom and Dad because for some reason through out my entire life they always had a real grasp on what is important and what things to really worry about. If I hurt myself doing something dumb they would shake there head and say why but life would go on. It was when I did something that damaged my spirit that they would sit me down to have the Heart to Heart. I learned from them that life is good when you stay close to the Lord. 

Why I am a Mormon

 I am a Mormon Because I know that it's true. I grew up in the Chrurch but I hardly think that is an reason to know that something is true. In my younger years of life I was much life any child who depended on his parents for everything. I did the things they did, ate the foods they ate, went the places they went, and learned the thing they Believed. I am sure this example is fairly common with all children but something durastically different happens in the following years... We grow up to that age were we know everything sometimes called our teenage years. I remember when I decided I wanted to know for myself what is true... It was when my seventh grade teacher told us that the decisions we make today will affect and mold the people we will become tomorrow. I believe this was a pivitol time in my life because I new that I wanted to a good person but like everyone else I felt the pull of bad influences. One thing the Mormon faith really emphasizes is recieving answers to prayer from God through prayer. I felt that this was true and so I relied on prayer to fill in any of the other gaps I felt were there. I prayed and prayed and prayed some more in those years and still the answers didn't all seem to come at once. I feel blessed though because the very first thing I knew for sure was that Jesus Christ is my Savior. That in reality he took upon him the pain of my sins and through him I could be relieved of that pain. That was my foundation and everything else I have learned is a suppliment to that truth. My search changed from the view point of "which church is true" to "which church teaches Christ's teaching?" After a few years of searching I ended the Journey I really wasn't aware I had begun. I heard a Prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ bear a simple testimony of the Savior of the World even Jesus Christ. The words he spake touched my heart so fully that I new with a certanty that what I had always been taught wast true. This is why I am Mormon, because it is true. 

How I live my faith

 Right now I am living my faith I think the best way I ever have. I have my full life devoted to teaching people about the Savior Jesus Christ and his life and mission. It is great because it is teaching me that the more I give my life to God the happier I am.

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

 It's because of what Jesus Christ told Nicodemus "except a man be born of water and the spirit he cannot enter the Kingdom of God."-John 3. Everyone needs to be baptized and we all know that some will not have this opportunity in this life time because of different circumstnces. God is fair and he gives all of us a chance. Show more Show less