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Hi I'm Ane

I am a wife, a mom, a homemaker, an educator. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have a wonderful little family--two children who are both in college. We wish we could have had more children. My husband is as sweet and gentle as they come. I have a master's degree and a teaching certificate. Unfortunately I"m not as young or as thin as I used to be. I wish I were organized, but I'm not. I grew up as the youngest child in a large family on a farm; now I live in a city. I am interested in my ancestors and the lives they lived. My parents were both good people who loved their family, their community and their country. I try to help people around me. I've been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ my whole life. The LDS church (the Mormons) has blessed my life in so many ways. I'm not sure where I'd be if it weren't for the teachings and atoning power of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Gospel. I was sexually abused by two relatives until I was 10. It affected me more than I'd like to admit. The thing I'm so grateful for is that through the Lord Jesus Christ and His teachings, His priesthood leaders, and prayer, I've been blessed to overcome much of the difficulties associated with abuse. I've learned to forgive--to let go. I don't accept what these abusers did to me as right, nor do I currently associate with them because they are emotionally dangerous to me at this point, but I love them and I pray for them. I hope they will someday repent and change their lives. My hope in Christ makes things better. I know there is real power in His priesthood.

Why I am a Mormon

If I didn't belong to this church, I'd have to ask "Where else would I go? Thou hast the words of eternal life." I've been through some pretty rough times, but I've always been obedient to the teachings of Jesus Christ. By doing so I can witness that His teachings and commandments bring peace and happiness. I believe in Jesus Christ. Through prayer and studying His word in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, I've received a witness through the power of the Holy Ghost that this is truly the only Church of Jesus Christ on the earth today--it is His true Church restored again to the earth. Through His Church I've been blessed to receive commandments, ordinances and covenants that bring me closer to Jesus Christ--His Gospel brings me so much happiness and peace. If He can help me through my difficulties, He can do anything. I know that because of Jesus Christ, I can have my sweet family with me forever. That means a lot to me. It may seem strange to want to be part of an eternal family forever, when it was part of my extended family that caused me so much grief and pain. If God loved me so much, why did He allow the abuse to happen? What I have learned though, is God didn't cause me to be abused--that was the choice of others. I learned that He has a lot of respect for each person's right to make choices--my right and my abusers' right. Because of His love, the Lord respects everyone's right to make choices--even bad ones. Fortunately, because of His Grace, He has the ability to compensate me for all my losses. I believe that, and I have seen His compensating power in my own life. His Grace is sufficient to bless, heal and lift--both for me and my abusers. When I was young, I had a hard time loving Christ. I assumed he was powerful--just like my abusers. I've learned for myself that Christ is not a power-hungry person waiting to take advantage of me, but instead, He loves me and wants to bless and help me. He wants me to return home. I'm grateful for Him.

How I live my faith

Our family is close; we have a family gathering each Monday evening to help us all to love and understand the Gospel and each other better. We play games, tell stories, and have treats. We try not to use this time to point out problems-we save that for other times. We also have a daily scripture and prayer together--usually morning and evening. Prayer has made a big difference; we pray when leaving the home, driving, problem solving, etc. We make the Lord a part of our daily walk. We strive to eat at least one meal at home together each day; great time to talk over the things of the day. I've been blessed to serve in the Church organization in many different capacities. I've worked for 15 years serving children as both a leader and a teacher. I have also taught the teenaged youth in Sunday School for four years. I am currently the director of a family history center where I help others become acquainted with their ancestors. This is one of my talents, and I find great joy in helping others connect with their families. I believe families can be eternal, so I feel I'm helping families strengthen ties beyond the grave; I believe what I'm doing is of eternal significance. I like doing things that matter. I also serve in the youth center of the temple. Here I help care for children whose parents are receiving ordinances and making promises that will bind their family together forever. My husband and children help me accomplish my church service, and I help them with theirs.