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Hi I'm Sam

I am a video game artist, I love to spend time with my family, draw, paint, bike, fish. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a Father of 4 awesome children, and the husband to an amazing woman. I am a 3D Artist who has been in the video games industry for 14 years. I am not your typical game artist, I would rather spend time interacting with people and doing outdoor projects, than staring at my computer all day. I love to paint,draw, sculpt, model, animate...etc.. if it is art driven I love it. I am grateful for my membership in the church. I have a great love for the scriptures and I love the Lord. All that I have I can relate to my membership in this church. Though life has not been easy, it has been worth it.

Why I am a Mormon

Honestly, I have been one all my life, but never active until I turned 18. I had nothing going for me. No direction, no inner compass. Wasn't until I decided I needed to go on a mission to get that compass that I came to understand the need for the Lord in my life. Life has never come easy to me, grew up poor, didn't understand much about, well, anything. My life has been one job after another. My poor wife and I have had to move more times that I can remember. I am sure the grammar police will have a hay-day with this post. But despite all the stupidity I have accomplished in my life, I can change that, and have. But that was something I could not accomplish on my own. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because I want to be. I love all different religions and hold no ill will towards any member of another congregation or religion. Let men/women, serve whom they will and how they will. I chose this religion, because I know it is true. Not because of a feeling or on a whim, and most definitely not because I was born into it. If that was the case I would still be inactive...I know because the Lord revealed it to me. He spoke to me and nobody can make me believe otherwise. I heard his voice, I know he lives and I cannot deny that fact.

How I live my faith

I have served in a variety of positions within all the wards that I have been a part of. I have been an elders quorum president twice and served with the youth several times. I have been a gospel doctrine teacher and a ward mission leader. I have also worked closely with the scouting programs as well. So far I have done everything within a ward but be in the Bishopric. I have also served a full time mission to Quito Ecuador. There I came to love the members in South America and to love their culture as well. Viva Los Quitenos!

What is the Book of Mormon?

It is one of the greatest books ever written, a record of ancient peoples who lived in this hemisphere of the world. Another testament that Christ is the son of God and that we are his children. I say one of the greatest for it can only be established by the Bible, both books share the same testimony that God lives and that Christ is His son. Neither book is apart from the other. Just like the Bible is made up of many different books, hence the name Bible or Biblia, meaning a collection of books. The Book of Mormon as well is a collection of books written by Prophets here in the Americas. It is a book of power that has the ability to change, for the better, the lives of those who read it. Show more Show less

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

The original law of health given in our scriptures was given as a law with promise. The promise that if we obeyed we would receive health and wisdom. It was given then not as a commandment but later became one. Found within the same scriptures are the words;"because of conspiring men in the last days..." Anyone who has taken the time to study upon the alcohol, tobacco and tea industries or has had a member of their own family that has lost their lives to drugs knows that these substances come with cost. some may ask how does my drinking coffee hurt anyone. Directly it does not, but indirectly as an industry it has much to answer for. The families and lives it has ruined is too much to be counted. Anyone can research this to find out for themselves, it just takes wanting to know. But more than that, for myself, I have never taken of these things because I want to be obedient to the Lord, because I love him. That to me is the real reason why we don't do this. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

I chose to answer this personally. I don't see our Father in Heaven as a being that is unapproachable. I see him as very loving, kind and generous. Sometimes I hear people say, where was God when all this bad happens. The answer, to me, was right there. He loves us so much, that he will not interfere in our choices. He allows us to make our own decisions. And, at times, he permits us to make mistakes, even costly mistakes. What parent takes away all our choices in life and thinks we can learn without adversity? Like all parents, but more so, he wants us to learn. He does intervene when he knows it will benefit us. But will never take away our opportunity to learn hard lessons. I have been through many hardships in my life. Some more difficult than others. Yet through them all I have never felt my Father in Heaven wasn't with me. Encouraging me to do better. I am not perfect, I hope one day to be, but I know that our Father in Heaven loves us and is in our lives. Show more Show less