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Hi I'm Paul

I'm a father, a husband, an author, and a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in the same middle-sized, Northern California town. I left it for a number of years, but I'm back again and it's beautiful here. I took a social dance class in college to meet girls, and then I married the one I met there. She is a wonderful wife, a marvelous mother, and my saving grace in so many ways. I graduated with a Bachelor's in English because I couldn't think of what else to do. I am making some use if it, as I write short stories and books, but I have found it doesn't lead to too many interesting careers. So I have just applied to a Master's in Social Work program. That may seem pretty far afield from where I've been, and it is, but it makes sense. I am working as a behavioral health counselor with emotionally disturbed boys and young men, and I've found a good fit.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born to parents who are faithful, active Mormons. I've had that pointed out to me, as if I never had a choice in my faith, but that isn't true. I've had hundreds of choices, and I keep choosing this. There is much that I love about my faith. I love that I have always been encouraged to think critically about what I believe. Questions are welcome and encouraged, so any time I have had concerns, I could find real, satisfying answers. I love the consistency of the teaching. It is intuitive and logical to me that all truth should work together in harmony, and that is what I have found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ the way the Mormons teach it. These are all important to me, but I can't say these are the reasons that I am a Mormon. I belong to this Church because I know it is true. I don't know it because it was told to me. I know it because I have had real, personal, undeniable experiences that confirm its truth to my heart and to my mind. I know it because I asked God if it was true, and He answered me; not just once, but many times.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in lots of ways. I pray, alone and with my family, every day. I read from the scriptures, and try to draw myself closer to my Heavenly Father by doing so. Though I'm not perfect at it, I seek to obey the commandments that God has given. Also, I teach a Sunday School class for adults. It's a lot of fun to teach this group, as they always have insightful comments. I hardly ever make it through my lesson plan, but I enjoy doing it. I also have an assignment as a home teacher, which means I visit the homes of certain families every month. I check in with them to help see that their needs are met, and I also pray with them, share a brief, gospel-centered message with them, and try to make myself available to them if they ever need anything. I really try to be their friend, which is what I think Jesus would be doing. I also live my faith by doing little acts of service. I do what little things I see that I can help with, like pushing someone's stalled car, or carrying something that looks heavy. I try not to let an opportunity to be useful get past me.

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Much of what they talk about will be familiar to anyone with a background in Christianity, but some of it will be new. It will be familiar when they talk about the love that God has for us, his children. It may be a little new when they give some details of the plan that God has for the salvation and joy of his children. It will sound familiar when the missionaries talk about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be a blessing in our homes and for our families. It will be new, and probably exciting, when they teach about the power that God has made available to us that makes it possible to continue on as families after death, or, in other words, to be together forever with our families. It will be familiar when they teach about prophets that existed in ancient times, but it may be surprising to learn that there are real prophets alive on the earth today. Every truth they teach can serve to strengthen your connection with your heavenly Father, and to ground your life in the living reality of Jesus Christ. Every truth they teach can help you and your family to experience more peace and joy in this life, and prepare for an eternity of happiness, togetherness, and growth in the life to come. Show more Show less