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Hi I'm Mel

I'm a retired Navy nuclear power Senior Chief Electronics Technician.

About Me

I'm a retired US sailor with a Polynesian wife and four children, born after we married in the Temple. Two of the children are married now, with children of their own, to our delight. I trained as a Navy Electronics Technician (Radar) just following Vietnam, completed a science baccalaureate in Workforce Education and retired after 20-odd years to work as an operator at a local nuclear power plant. I pick up the trombone very infrequently, sing tenor less often and served a church mission to a romantic country overseas just after high school. I walk to stay fit, as well as jump rope, and jog. I anticipate the advent of plug in hybrids, still a high probability to arrive before the second coming of Christ, may that precede expectations! The advent of younger missionaries has opened my eyes to the wonderfulness of the missionary efforts, including me in the presentation of the restored gospel and its far-reaching attraction to the expanse of the heavens, including even oldsters like myself and the room provided for the future inhabitants of the heavenly kingdoms. Eye opener, I shout! And what will the newcomers say? Be it good, or be it suprising? Not on your life, say I.

Why I am a Mormon

My birth mother, a Mormon young woman, gave me up as directed by her father shortly after my birth, to an older childless Protestant couple, and my new adoptive father died in the nearby mountains soon thereafter. I grew up as a mischievous, frightened boy in the older and less affluent section of a western metropolis, plagued at times by racial tension mixed in with Vietnam era unrest. Although life was easy going at our house, my widowed mother was not happy with her religion, finding ourselves in a different church about every year or so.One advantage I feel I had with these frequent displacements of faith was that I was learning some basics of Christian faith and life, as well as attitudes, boosted at times with some discipline, when needed... I needed it. I also found myself encouraged to run faster, jump higher, and talk myself out of unpleasant situations. Recently I arranged the burial marker on my mother's grave to reflect "Beloved wife, heroic mother" She passed when I was thirteen years of age, and I was retrieved by my "Aunt", who was actually my mother, which fact sparks the 'rest of my story', which beginning I learned only in this century. I was suddenly brought into a family as the oldest of six kids; my siblings were born into a "normal" Mormon family. I was introduced to the missionaries three months later, and my new adoptive father baptized me. I love my expanding family dearly.

How I live my faith

I serve in a Priesthood position, helping my brethren of the Church fill the measure of their creation through home teaching and other such church duties, infrequently using my talents and skills to entertain and amuse my friends and family. In my spare time, I serve as an ordinance worker at our Temple, which service uplifts and strengthens my conviction of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Another position I fill is that of an emergency coordinator and communicator-in-training amateur radio operator with the county. When I am engaged in my tasks, I am not bored. I say yes, typically, to requests for assistance, and sing or play the piano upon request, which occurs more rarely as time moves on. I have mastered our finances over time, learning that the Lord helps those who exercise faith in Him, particularly tithing and offerings. I have served in a variety of callings, or positions in the Church, each having its own form of challenges, since I was baptized as a youth. It's been a blessing to me, and I am misty as I write this, because I am basically a very blessed soul, and love the Lord, but never as much as He loves me. Boy Scouts of America has been an agency to improve my leadership characteristics and allows me an opportunity to mold young men's lives through conducting Boards of Reviews, counseling boys as they work to receive Merit Badges, as my dad the Scoutmaster did, when I was a boy.