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Hi I'm Karl (嘉亮)

I'm a Mormon. (我是一名摩爾門教徒)

About Me

A man having a lovely wife, three beautiful children and three very darling grandsons. We are originally from Hong Kong and living in Australia. I like singing - a bathroom singer - but actually I was a member of the school choir when I was a young student. Other things such as drama, golf and travelling also interest me. Though not a philosopher or an attractive speaker, I tend to think and talk a lot about questions of life. (我有位賢淑可親的妻子,三個悦人的子女和三個可愛的男外孫,我家來自香港,目前住在澳洲。我喜歡唱歌----一位浴室歌手----但其實年靑在學時,我是學校詩歌班的成員。其他讓我感興趣的,包括戲劇、哥爾夫和旅遊。雖然不是哲學家或動人的講演者,但我總愛思想和談論人生問題。)

Why I am a Mormon

It is because I believe in Mormonism. What is Mormonism? Basically, it is a religion that has a happy message to tell. It is called the Plan of Happiness, otherwise known as the Plan of Salvation. It helps me understand why I exist and how to effectuate my potential in order to obtain my personal happiness as well to help others find theirs. (爲甚麽我是摩爾門教徒?因爲我相信摩爾門教義。摩爾門教義是甚麽?基本上是述説一個快樂訊息的宗教,這訊息名爲快樂的計劃,或稱救恩的計劃,它幫助我理解我爲何存在,怎樣發揮我的潛能來獲得個人快樂,並使我幫助他人獲得他們的快樂。)

How I live my faith

Doing what Mormons do best, i.e., respecting others' beliefs and if circumstances warrant it, sharing with them the happy message of Mormonism. Mormons discuss a lot of things among themselves especially encourage each other to find answers to questions of life from the written words which are recorded in those ancient and modern books which are commonly recognised as authorities in this regard. Two of the books that we often refer to are the Bible and the Book of Mormon. These two books, considering the number of languages in which they are published, are the two most read books throughout human history. (怎樣履行我的信仰?就是做摩爾門教徒做得最好的事情,那是尊重他人的信仰,並在適當的時宜,與他們分享摩爾門教義的快樂訊息。摩爾門教徒彼此討論很多事情,尤其是互相鼓勵,在一些公認是權威的古代和現代書籍裏,尋找人生問題的答案,我們常用的兩本書,是聖經和摩爾門經,由於有各種語文的出版,它們成爲人類有史以來被讀得最多的書。)

What do Mormons believe about "eternal life?"

Karl (嘉亮)
Eternal life is a state of happiness that all mankind long for. It is more than immortality. In the state of eternal life, men and women enjoy the companionship of Heavenly Father, have full knowledge of the universe and are entitled to exercise similar power that Heavenly Father has. (摩爾門教徒相信的“永生”是怎樣的?永生是人類企盼的快樂境界,不僅是不死。在永生的境界,男女樂與天父爲伍,有對宇宙的完全知識,並可運用相同於天父擁有的力量。) Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Karl (嘉亮)
The official name of the Mormon church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. By definition, this church belongs to Jesus Christ whom Mormons (Latter-day Saints) believe in and worship. Joseph Smith was an "instrument" through whom the Church of Jesus Christ was restored in the latter day. He was a prophet and a teacher. His teachings include, among others, the fact that there is a Godhead in which there are three separate personages - Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. We are grateful that Joseph Smith had helped to restore the Gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ but we only worship Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. (摩爾門教徒崇拜約瑟.斯密嗎?摩爾門教的正式名稱是耶穌基督後期聖徒教會,開宗明義,這教會是屬於耶穌基督的,而摩爾門教徒(後期聖徒)是相信耶穌基督並崇拜祂的。約瑟.斯密是一個工具,藉着他,耶穌基督的教會在近世復興,他是先知和教師,在他的教導中,説明了神格,在神格裏有三位各自爲體的人物----天父、耶穌基督和聖靈。我們感謝約瑟.斯密幫助復興福音和耶穌基督的教會,但我們只崇拜天父和耶穌基督。) Show more Show less