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Hi I'm Corrine Christison

I'm an anthropologist. I love for world peace. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I once heard a quote that said those who were crazy enough to believe they could change the world will the be ones to actually do it.... I think that sums me up pretty well. I believe that I can use my talents and passions to help my brothers and sisters around the world (for that is truly how I view them) rise from the problems which hold them bound. I believe above all else in PEACE, not just an absence of fighting but real inner peace. Besides saving the world I love to spend my days dancing, playing the piano (oh! and my cello when I get the chance!). I can't say I don't love a good movie or two, but one of the BEST feelings in the world is to curl up with a good book and get lost in another time and place. I enjoy cooking my delicious vegetarian soups that I make up with the random things found in my cabinet- I guess there are only few things that I love more than soup: popcorn, ice cream, and apples. People say that I am an open book... ask me a question and I will answer it. In being an open book, I love to experience different ways of thinking, of living. I've done Ramadan and loved every minute of it. I do Lent every year. I danced at funerals in Ghana to share in my mourning for those who have gone way. I wish to spend my life studying people's spiritual and traditional beliefs so I can continually increase my own spirituality and understanding of the world I live in. oh... and I'm a democrat.

Why I am a Mormon

This is a really interesting question for me. I guess I could say that I'm Mormon because my parents raised me that way. Perhaps I'm Mormon because the values they teach really do make me happier when I live them. But, really I'm Mormon because I choose to be, it makes me happier than anything else in the world. It gives me that inner peace, knowing that I am a part of God's church on the earth, that I am His daughter. I have always know that I was His daughter; I have been blessed to feel that love from a very young age but it was LIVING of the gospel that I did not understand until I served my Mormon mission in Rochester, New York. It was there that I found the joy of reading from the Word of GOD every day. It was there that I learned God really does answer prayers... and better yet, that I could be the answer to someone's prayer. It was there that I learned that real peace comes from accepting Jesus Christ into your life and actively applying his Atonement to make you stronger against temptation; to make you clean from your sins and misgivings; to make you feel peaceful in a world that's just dang confusing sometimes. So that's why I'm a Mormon. I'm still not perfect at it, I forget to read my scriptures sometimes but I KNOW that God is there, that he loves me and that as long as I'm trying, Christ is by my side helping me along the way.

How I live my faith

I love. I believe the most important thing Christ taught was to love-- love God and love your neighbor. My job at the church (also called a "calling") is to be the head of the Welcoming Committee; it is my job, as well as those who are on the committee with me, to make sure everyone feels included and loved. This is one of my most favorite things because I believe it is one thing I can do well-- love, that is. I'm a Teaching Assistant at school and I seek to LOVE my students and inspire them to be good people. I volunteer at community events like the Science Palooza so children can have the chance to learn science. I am a member of clubs on BYU campus that focus on service and international development. I try to make people laugh. I listen when they need someone to talk to. I door-bell ditch cookies so my friends will have something sweet in the morning. I love. That is how I live my faith.

What are Mormon Temples used for?

Corrine Christison
Temples are one of my most favorite things about the church. To me, the temple is truly the House of the Lord. This being said, temples are a place where we can commune with our Lord through prayer. One of the most important things about temples is they are a place where we get to continue on our path of discipleship by making covenants (or promises) with God. One of the most special covenants is marriage-- where we promise to love our spouses and be faithful and in return, God gives us the blessing of being together for time AND all eternity. While I am not married, I have had the chance to make promises with God in the temple and it those promises that remind me every single day that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. Plus, temples are really pretty... our very own modern fairy- tale castles. Show more Show less