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Hi I'm Daniel

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in a small community of 600. I am a husband, father, and computer software engineer.

About Me

I am a computer software engineer who has worked in the industry for about 30 years. I have both a masters and bachelors degree in computer science. I enjoy reading, hiking, playing board games, and having fun with my immediate and extended family. I come from a large family of 13 children, 8 boys and 5 girls. I am the oldest brother. I am happily married and my wife and I have six children (3 boys and 3 girls) ranging in age from 16 to 28. I have been very involved in scouting over the years.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised from childhood in the church. My parents taught me and my siblings to love God and have faith in Him and His Son, Jesus Christ. I have many happy memories of going to church with my family, praying as a family, learning the gospel at home and at church, and enjoying activities and fellowship and love with many other members of the church in a small community. In the course of those years of being nurtured in that environment, I came to know for myself through the Spirit that God was real, that He loved me, and that there was great purpose and meaning to life. I also came to know that He has spoken to mankind again in our day through living prophets, and that His voice is again heard in the earth. This process of obtaining my own testimony and assurance could probably be best described as a gradual one, not sudden, building in me over many years. However, in those years I can identify many occasions where the influence of the Spirit was unmistakeable in confirming to me that what I was reading in scripture or hearing from the pulpit was true. The best way for me to describe those feelings are of intense peace and light and calm and assurance. All of my happiness in life and my hopes for the future come from my deep convictions of Christ's gospel and the truths of a Restoration of that gospel. It steadies me in times of trial and trouble, and provides an anchor for me and my family in a very troubled world. Because I know where I came from, why I am here, that I am a child of God with divine potential, and where I go after I die, I feel secure and stable and deeply happy, in spite of disappointments and difficulties that regularly come. Although I have weaknesses, I'm grateful for a plan given by God to progress and become better. I have a deep desire to become more holy, more pure, better. I'm grateful for principles of truth, taught in clarity, about repentance, forgiveness, redemption, faith, hope, and charity. There is so much that blesses me and fulfills me in the gospel and the way of life it has given me. Life is simply richer and fuller - a truly abundant life. Knowing that God is real and that He loves me and that He guides us through personal inspiration and living prophets provides hope and comfort and guidance for making choices that will lead to lasting happiness. I feel freedom and great liberty in having access to true principles to guide me in my choices. I do not feel constrained and oppressed or like I am blindly following. Rather, I feel free and greatly empowered to make choices that lead to lasting happiness, and freedom from addiction, pain, sorrow, and distress that come from poor choices. I'm grateful to know about consequences and to have the guideance that truth provides. My objective in life is not to get rich or famous, but to obtain true and lasting happiness that I can enjoy with my family not only here and now, but in the life to come after death.

How I live my faith

I try to live the precepts and teachings of my church, whether at home, work, school, or church. The principles taught to me by scripture and our church leaders are very important to me to try to understand and live as best I can. I am continually studying to improve my understanding and grasp of true principles. If something is true, I want to embrace it and live it. My faith urges me to learn all I can, not only of religion, but all truth. To me, religious truths are not separate from other truths, but encompasses all truth, so part of my faith is to make it my business to learn and live by truth. I have a strong belief in the importance of education and lifelong learning. I have many weaknesses, but I really do see it as an important in my faith to try to continually improve myself and overcome my weaknesses. I try to be honest in my dealings with others. I keep free of influences in the world that are degrading and destructive to individuals and families - pornography, drugs, and so forth. I try to teach my family and help them do the same, as well as others outside my family circle. I try to show compassion and concern for them and to work with others in worthwhile causes to bring about good things in my community and nation. I actively participate in my church. Over the years I have served in many different capacities, including various leadership roles, teaching roles, and other things. Each has brought me joy and satisfaction, especially when I know that I have perhaps been able to help someone along their way find greater peace and happiness. I have had many opportunities to work with and teach the youth, including a variety of scouting responsibilities. I currently teach young men how to prepare to serve as missionaries for our church. My wife and I also sing in our church choir, something we enjoy a great deal. Over the years I have always had assignments to visit families monthly as sort of a "watchman". I view this as a great privilege and a way to watch over others and help them in any way I can. I try to take seriously the promise (or covenant) I made when I was baptized to comfort those who need comfort, to lift the downtrodden and weary, to mourn with those that mourn, and just be there for others beyond my own family circle. It has helped me tremendously in my quest to become a better person. It helps me overcome my natural tendency to selfishness. It isn't always easy to serve, but I am really grateful for a church that asks me to "step up" and get outside my selfish concerns and outside myself. I'm grateful for a church that asks me to develop new talents and to take on challenges I've never done before, and even for those opportunities that I may not have selected for myself. Perhaps the most important way I try to live my faith is by working at being a better husband and father. I believe that happiness springs from having a solid and stable family, so my wife and I invest a lot of effort in teaching and nourishing our children at home. Of course, we take them to church and welcome the many other church members positive influences in their lives, but we see it as our primary responsibility to teach, train, nurture, and raise our children. We don't assume that they will simply absorb it because they are members of the church. Our faith teaches us that our greatest and longest lasting responsibilities pertain to our duties as family members - fathers, mothers, children, etc. To me, my faith is inseparable from happy family life.