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Hi I'm Jake

I love life, love people more, love God the most and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm an entrepreneur with various ventures, and I focus primarily on internet marketing to achieve my goals. I am very athletic and love just about any sport or physical activity out there. I love cars, motorcycles, and pretty much anything with a motor. I love to travel and have been to many places around the world. My favorite places to visit are tropical locations. I come from a big family and hope to have a sizable one of my own someday as well. I love people and feel that I get along very well with just about everyone. I am VERY open and prefer deeper conversations where I really get to know a person's character, rather than simply the superficial things in their life.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family with parents who were already members of the LDS (Mormon) faith. My Mother was LDS her whole life, but my Father converted at the age of 14. Growing up in the church, I mostly trusted it was true because I trusted my parents. I had my doubts, but never did anything to resolve them. When I was 19 and the time for me to serve an LDS mission was approaching rapidly, I decided I needed to really find out if I believed what I had been taught my whole life. Serving a mission is not necessarily required, but faithful Mormons believe it is a requirement from God, and to not serve is typically a bit shameful to one's family & close friends. So what did I do? I did exactly what we teach those who aren't Mormons to do: Read the Book of Mormon and ask God in prayer if it's true! God promises that if we'll read from the Book of Mormon (you don't even have to read the whole book...just start reading) and then pray to Him, asking if it's a true book from Him, he'll confirm it's truthfulness to us through feelings of peace, happiness, clarity, understanding, joy, etc. It seems so simple, but that is the way God answers our prayers. That is the way he communicates with and guides us throughout our lives. The truth is that as I read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it each time, asking if it was true, I didn't get what I thought was an overwhelming answer. I did, however, feel that it was a good book that taught me good principles, and that I should continue to read it. I continued to read, and over time I came to know for myself from feelings God provided me, that the Book of Mormon was true and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was therefore also true. Over time, I have had many other experiences which have confirmed to me that God does in fact have His church here on the earth, and that I am a member of it. I am so grateful that I was able to come to this knowledge by direct communication from God and now I want to share it!

How I live my faith

I believe that this life is a test & God has a purpose for all of us on the earth. Many people view God & religion as part of their lives, but I choose to view it as the center of my life. My belief in God and His plan for us as His children is the reason I do everything. As I live this way, doing the things He's asked me to do, He continually provides feelings of peace and happiness, as well as experiences to let me know I'm on the right path to return home to Him after this life. I communicate with Him in prayer multiple times each day. I don't just recite the same old stuff, but rather truly pour out my heart to Him about my goals, my desires to serve & obey Him, and my challenges. Most importantly, I do my best to recognize the feelings of peace He provides and to discern the thoughts and direction He places in my mind and heart. I read my scriptures daily, attend church weekly, attend the temple as often as possible, and participate in other occasional events with other local Latter-day Saints in my area. I try to exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, and avoid any food or substances which are harmful to my mind and body. I am by no means even close to perfection, but everyday is a new opportunity to grow closer to my Father in heaven. I have no better feeling than when I know that God knows I am doing the best I can. Nothing tops the peace and happiness which my Heavenly Father provides me as a result of turning my heart and mind to Him.