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Hi I'm Jeremy

I was born in Utah, I am now sharing the gospel with people in North Carolina, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in 1991 in Utah, at the time I had a older sister, and a younger sister shortly joined the family; growing up I was an active participant in the Chirch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My family took us on countless camping trips and vacations all through my life. the top two favorite destinations: Bear Lake (in northern Utah) and Yellowstone National Park. I loved being out in "God's Country" as my Dad called it, it gave me perspective on all the things that God has done for us. If he could have taken the time to place that many beautifull places so close together then what can he still do for me...his son? As I entered high school the vacations and camping trips became less frequent, due to less time that us kids were avalable when it woulden't take us away from other things. I also fell into a crowd of friends who didn't have the gospel in their lives. As a compound result, I started to doubt my beleif in the chirch and it's teachings. I started slipping into darkness and dis-belief. I Persisted in this state for several years, pulling several people down with me. thanks to several great youth leaders in the ward that i grew up in, I was able to be pulled up out of the pit I had fallen into and back into the light. This is the state I am in now, helping build the faith of the good people in North Carolina. It's been a hard, long road, but I am still working on it, I'm not perfect, no one is, but I am always working to improve.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born a Mormon, but the nice thing about being a Mormon, is that even if you are born a member, or become a member you still can be converted. My convershion wasn't spectacular, I didn't just wake up one day and decide that the chirch was true, but over the years I slowly learned about, felt, and eventualy recognised God's presence in my life. one of the moments that stick out to me happened in 2009 working nights with a group of people who had no moral compass or belifs that i could recognise, on our lunch break (the only time I ever really had to be around them) they would constantly mock me and my beliefs, so I would isolate myself in my car and eat lunch. but that wan't something I wanted to do. several weeks of this and oen of my co-workers asked me why i ate alone, so I told him, it turned out that he was a member of the chirch and also ate in his car, but he just drove it around the corner so that people would think he was "going out" to lunch. So we started taking turns "hosting" lunch in our cars, it gave us both someting to do and someone to talk about, now that i look back i realise that not only was he the answer to my silent prayers, but i might have been the answer to his also. i love seeing the way that God works, puting people in the path of other people so that they can help each other. So i guss the reason that i am a mormon is: i have a faith in God and his great power; I know that he works in all of our lifes; i know that Jesus Christ is the head of this chirch through his modern-day, living, prophet Thomas S. Monson; I know that Josoph Smith saw God the Father, and his son Jesus Christ; I know that the book of mormon is the word of God, translated by the power of god, and broght forth in these last days, for the blessing of all people; and I know that this chirch is the true chirch of god.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in all I do, I try and recognise all people as my brothers and sisters and treat them as such. I don't do anything that will end up in a news paper or a magazene, but i try in all I do to act in a way that is worthy of my calling here on earth, and what the Lord expects of me.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

we live just like any one else, we believe that we are held to a high standard, so we act acordingly. If something we are doing isn't something we would want to show God, we try to not do it. We try to follow him in is comandments, because we beleive if we do we will be blessed acording to the promises that god has given us. some people think the way we live is weird, but i think that if more people were "weird" like we are that the world would be a better place. Show more Show less