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Hi I'm Jesica

I'm a first time mom! I'm a wife, a sister, an aunt, a friend. I'm mexican, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm married to a wonderful man and we just had our first baby. We hope to have a large family beause we are from both from large families. Because I am mexican and my older family members don't speak english, we are going to teach our child Spanish and English so that he can be involved with both sides his family. I'm the only Mormon in my family and although there are drawbacks from being the only one, the blessings far out way them. My family is extremely supportive and they respect my decision to be Mormon and to raise my children in the LDS church. My husband served his mission in Mexico, so it's a bonus because he speaks Spansh. It's really special to see him be able to be a part of my family and not just my husband :-) Some of my hobbies are reading, sewing, and writing. My husband and i love to go on dates, usually to dinner and a movie and sometimes we even do things like go bowling or visit the park. I love the park! I'm really shy and reserved. But once you get to know me i'm a lot more social and outgoing. I'm just a person, an average person but just as complex as can be. I like routine but enjoy being spontaneous. I'm afraid of heights but i love to be in high places. I like to be a girl, to shop and get dressed up; but i love to be a homebody and lounge around in a some sweats. I'm just me and now i'm a mommy to a wonderful baby boy!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a mormon because I know that what this church teaches is true. I have been blessed to be a member of the church and to have the opportunity to learn the gospel. It gives me peace to know what will happen after this life. It gives me happiness to know my Heavenly Father loves me and that He never turned his back on me while I was lost. How I found the Chruch: Througout my life I have always believed in God and Christ, but I was never a part of any particular church. When I was older I made the decision to find my place and I looked everywhere (given that it included Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ). I read all types of articles, visited web pages, asked my friends who were of different faiths; but the real answers came from my heart, it hungered for truth and understanding. I picked up a book called 'The Articles of Faith' and I started to read it. I liked what I read and I saw truth in it, it wasn't rationalizing or justifying anything, I was explaining and proclaiming the truths that it contained. Later I found out it was an LDS (mormon) book, and I began to wonder why I didn't know these things before when I would read about Mormons online. I only know the typical things I had heard from non-mormon friends. I kept reading then decided to open up the Book Of Mormon that I had had for over 5 years, sitting in a box. I read and read and wanted to know more. I prayed and pondered it. I called a friend who is Mormon and asked her a load of questions, she promised to go to church with me whenever I found the courage to go. I was more intimidated about calling the missionaries than showing up to church, funny now when I think about it. I went one Sunday with my brother and friend. The next Sunday I went ALONE, but I wasn't afriad. I felt welcomed and liked there, and the missionaries supported me the whole way.

How I live my faith

I was called to teach the 10-11 year olds in my ward, with my husband. It was my first time teaching a class in church and although I was nervous, i was more excited to teach the young people all the wonderful things that the Gospel has to offer. I learned a great deal from teaching them and working with my husband during this time. Teaching the youth, really lit a flame in me. When i first joined the church i was afraid of what serving might mean, but now i want to serve in any way possible! I visit sisters from my ward with a partner and we talk about any given topic from the church magazine. It is great way to meet the people from the ward and to connect with them personally and spiritually. Because of the baby coming, we moved to a larger place and into a new ward. I don't have a calling yet, but i'm waiting to get one and exciting to be more a part of our new ward family! Aside from church and church callings. I also read scripture daily, usually out loud to my son and always in spanish. I want to bring love and culture into our home and show my son the blessings of being a cherished son of God and also being able to communicate with people who speak Spanish.