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Hi I'm Katy

I'm a Teacher and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I come from a large family with six brothers and one sister. My family has always been important to me and we have very strong bonds. It's true that we have our difficulties and struggles with each other, but at the end of the day, I know that my family will be there for me. Teaching is one of the greatest rewards and challenges in my life. Each day bring success and failures, but watching my students succeed makes every sacrifice worth it. As a teacher, I do my best to be a good role model for my students and to encourage them to always try their best and never be afraid to try new things. I love my job and it brings me great happiness and satisfaction. I have always had a special appreciation for the arts, whether it is music or a simple painting. I have spent a lot of time cultivating my own artistic talents and pursuits and I love to attend concerts and art shows. It is so rewarding to be able to experience the world through another point of view and it truly helps you appreciate life and all its many beauties. I am an avid (unprofessional though) chef and love to be in the kitchen. I get great satisfaction of cooking meals for my friends and family and sharing my talent with others. I share this love with my sister and we have spent many a happy afternoon trying new recipes and laughing together.

Why I am a Mormon

I knew from an early age, thanks to the example of my parents, that Heavenly Father knew who I was and that He loved me. In the darkest times of my life, in the midst of despair, I have felt that comforting spirit of love and I knew that He understood what I was going through. He has never left me alone or comfortless. There have been times when I have wondered if anyone could understand the pain or despair that I may be feeling. Within moments, a sweet reassurance comes that He does understand and that He will never leave me alone. Growing up with a family that was active in the gospel, I quickly recognized the stability that the gospel brought into my life. I knew that there was a greater plan for everyone, and that there was a God, and that His son, Jesus Christ, atoned for the sins of the world. Through various experiences in my life, I came to recognize the cleansing and healing power of the Atonement. I know that He lives, and the atonement is a very real thing and that it works! God has not ceased to talk to men. He loves us too much to do that. He speaks through his prophets who lead and guide us through these troubling times. Their messages are always delivered in a spirit of love and desire to help us become better. I have been comforted many times by the messages delivered by these prophetic men. They bring a message of peace, understanding and even warning, helping us to prepare for things to come. I trust these men and follow their counsel, because I know that God has chosen them. I have prayed for that conformation and have received it, many times. I am a Mormon because this message, this gospel, has brought me understanding in a confusing world, peace of mind in chaotic times, and heart filled with love in a troubled world. I know that God is aware of us and wants nothing more than for us to be aware of that love. This gospel has given me a reason to be happy and look forward to the future with hope and faith.

How I live my faith

Living my faith, my religion, is a daily process, one that I would never want to be without. I feel as though I am in constant communication with my Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ, through daily prayers and scripture study. Every week I attend church services were I renew the promises I have made to remember Jesus Christ and to do my best to follow his example. Throughout the week, I try to act as our savior would, helping the needy, mending a broken heart, and being a shoulder to cry on. One way I live my faith is through my calling within my church group, or ward. A calling is a position within the ward where I am able to serve other members. It can be anything from leading music to teaching a class. I have had a variety of callings, from being on a service committee to teaching. I love my callings in the Church and they have helped me grow closer to Heavenly Father and to develop a love for all His children. Another calling I have is to visit two women in my ward each month. These visits are priceless and the friendships that these visits create are worth so much. To be able to help someone feel loved, welcomed, and accepted is a wonderful responsibility, and one that I cherish. It is true that it can be hard to schedule a time that will work for everyone, but it is always worth it. Hearts are uplifted and friendships are strengthened each visit. Living my faith is a daily process, but it is what is helping me grow closer to my Savior. It fills me with a purpose and the desire to continue to live my life the way that I should. I have found great peace and comfort by living my faith this way.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

No, we do not worship Joseph Smith. We have great respect and love for him because of the sacrifices that he made to bring the fullness of Christ's gospel back to the earth. But, we only worship our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he played a key role in bringing the gospel back in these latter days. He gave his life defending this gospel. I respect him in every sense and I am so grateful for what he did as a prophet of God, but that is where it stops. Joseph Smith taught us that we must be redeemed through repentance, baptism, and following the teachings and commandments of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

I believe in Jesus Christ. I have promised to take His name upon me. In other words, I have promised to act as He would have acted, to treat others as He would, and to do my best to be like Him. I worship Jesus Christ as my Savior, my Redeemer, my King. I worship Him as such and believe that it is only though His atoning sacrifice that I will be made clean and whole. I am a Christian because I believe in Jesus Christ and His teachings. So yes, Mormons are very much Christians. He is the cornerstone of our religion. Without Him, we would be nothing. Show more Show less