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Hi I'm Katie.

I'm a college student. I like to write music. Occasionally, I pretend that I can actually rap. And... I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm currently a student at BYU, working towards applying for and getting accepted into the Media Music program. Growing up as the oldest daughter of two teachers in Southern California, I was constantly and lovingly encouraged to pursue my goals as I nourished my talents through education. I may not have been a star student, but I definitely grew to understand the importance and the satisfaction gained through taking the necessary steps to follow my dreams-- no matter how crazy or unreachable they may seem to the world around me. I write music, and I have fun with it. It really is the most satisfying thing to have someone walk up to me having been touched by something that I have spent a lot of time and energy into. My ultimate goal is to spread happiness through music, that successfully meshes "fun" with the standards and morals I have been raised on. I want to inspire a music revolution in those around me and in the business, in creating a world where media and morality do not have to be on opposing sides.

Why I am a Mormon

Being raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints really was a blessing. Throughout my childhood, I was supported by not only loving parents, but by people from church who essentially raised me with the belief in a loving Heavenly Father and in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. With that kind of support from an early age, I was fortunate to pursue my various endeavors with the knowledge that there is someone out there looking out for me. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I really began to question the values I had been raised with. I even tried living without those values for a period, with a pride of confidence that can really only be achieved by, you guessed it, teenagers. Honesty became inconvenient. Clean language became an option. My personal standard of morality and cleanliness became synonymous with the vulgarity constantly displayed on TV. Because really? It was "fun". It was "fun" for a period until I realized how unhappy I truly was. I struggled with self-image, with depression, with friendships, and relationships. At a point, I had sunk so deep that I began to question even the existence of a higher being. But then I came to BYU and decided to give the church I had been raised with another "chance". I started to pray, feeling silly at first as I knelt at my bedside, struggling to figure out how a loving Heavenly Father could hear me beyond my dorm room ceiling. I started to read the Book of Mormon through the encouragement of professors and ecclesiastical leaders. Initially a skeptic, I became a believer. It may sound silly, but praying and reading a book really did change my life for the better. There is a warmth and happiness felt through the gospel of Jesus Christ that really has no comparison. Instead of just "settling" for a life of immorality, I found a renewed sense of strength and optimism for life again as I began to realize that God is greater than humanity, and that my life on earth really does have a divine purpose.

How I live my faith

Back home in California, my church leaders were always loving and supportive, showing interest in even the most minor details of my life. From motivational youth trips to the Olympic Training Center in San Diego, to simple lessons on how to accomplish my goals through the strength of the Lord, my leaders always inspired me to be my best self. Even at 16, I was able to utilize and strengthen my talents when my bishop asked me to be the piano accompanist in our general meetings. Because of their example, I am able to use what they taught me, not only in my day-to-day life, but in my own responsibilities in the church. I was taught teamwork and cooperation, a skill that I now use in my assignment as Activities Coordinator for the women in the area. I was taught the importance of clean language, moral living, and righteous example, a skill that I use in the songs that I write and produce. I was taught to love and serve one another, a skill that I use as I visit other young women in the area with my roommates, just so I can be there if they ever need my support, and so that they never, EVER feel alone. I wouldn't, not even for one second, claim to be better than anyone else. All I know is that through living the way that I have been taught, I have found happiness that really has been unsurpassed, and joy in finding love for each person around me.