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Hi I'm Joe Jeppson

I live in Washington. I am a husband, a father, a facility manager, an officer in the Army National Guard, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up like most kids in America, playing sports as often as I could and dreaming about being a superhero. I was blessed with parents that loved me and took the time to teach me principles in morality and physical fitness. They set me up for success as they taught me how to find true happiness. While in high school I got involved in student government and found a direction that I wanted to go in life. I was awarded a leadership scholarship for college were I discovered that I am interested in almost everything. I took two years off to serve as an LDS missionary in Argentina. I loved Argentina but, I become more grateful for the opportunities I was afforded in the U.S.A. When I returned I felt indebted to my forefathers and wanted to do my part to help preserve the American way of life...life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I joined the ROTC in college to become an officer in the Army National Guard. During this time I met the love of my life and was lucky enough to marry her. I graduated with a B.A. in Biology and commissioned as a Medical Service officer. The pharmaceutical company that I worked for while in school offered me a position as a facility manager. I feel like I have been blessed with more than I deserve. I try to repay my heavenly father by actively serving in every calling that I am extended and by serving the country in which I live. I am so, thankful my parents taught me good principles so that I could make good decisions.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I believe that is how to be a true follower of Christ. The term "Mormon" is a nickname given to us because of our belief that the Book of Mormon is a true testament of Jesus Christ. Really, I am a Latter Day Saint or, a saint in the latter days. Saint, as used in the Bible, is someone that belongs to Christ's church. I was born "in the church." Meaning my parents were active members when I was born. My parents always encouraged me to find out for myself if this is the true church of Christ. My father assured me that it would become too hard to continue living the gospel principles if I didn't know for myself that this was true. When I was in high school I was approached by some professional baseball scouts while playing out of state. They had asked around about me before they approached me after a game. After they introduced themselves and told me their intentions their first question was, "are you a Mormon?" and followed up with, "are you going to serve a two year mission at age 19?" I affirmed. They said that is too long to be out of the game and if I planned on doing that they were no longer interested in talking with me. I was caught off guard but, I felt that I should tell them the truth. They shook my hand and walked away. I don't I think that I was good enough to play professional ball. I knew that if I was going to make decisions based on my faith I better know for sure I am doing it for the right reason. I read the scriptures more intently, prayed more fervently, and payed closer attention to what I was being taught in church. It took a while but, I remember very distinctly when I received a witness from Gods holy spirit that this is his true church. It came when I finally made the decision that if I gained a testimony that I would share it with others. I will never forget the burning, anxious, yet calming feeling that I felt. Deep inside I knew that being a Mormon, a true follower of Christ, is what God wanted me to be.

How I live my faith

I live my faith because I love my faith. The life of a Mormon is all about serving others as Christ did. We meet every Sunday to learn and study the gospel but, also to get to know each other. We help each other live the gospel standards. I am in charge of the programs for the boys ages 12 to 18. Once a week we meet outside of our church meetings for an activity night. All of our activities are designed to help develop the youth to become good members of society and of Christ's church. We do service projects, boy scouts, career development, and play a lot of sports. It is important that we have fun and that everyone enjoys being together. I am also assigned a few families to check-up on. I periodically go by their homes to see how they are doing. If they need anything I help them or can help coordinate assistance. I also share a short spiritual message with them. There is also someone that checks in on me. The great thing about this is that no matter where I go in the world I have a support system because the church is the same everywhere. I saw this in extreme affect this last weekend. I went by my parents home (I live in WA, my parents live in UT). The area had just been through a storm with winds over 100mph causing a lot of destruction. I was planning on attending church with them but, some community officials contacted church officials to ask for help because it was suspected that the winds would return and the debris wasn't cleaned up yet and could be very hazardous in the event of more winds. Within an hour on that Sunday morning every able member and many non-members were standing in the front yard of their bishop's home receiving clean-up instructions. Using our own trucks and trailers the entire Wasatch front was cleaned up by the late after noon. With all the debris: trees, fencing, and housing materials compiled in safe locations designated by the cities. This is possible because we remain in close contact and are always ready to help each other.