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Hi I'm Daniel

I'm a Mormon. I'm a father, a husband, a son, an avid mountain biker, and lover of the outdoors.

About Me

I am a family man, a lover of the outdoors, a mountain biker, camper, hiker, the guy who quotes movies (don't get me started), a comic, a husband, a son and a father. I am also a child of God. My wife and I fell in love in 1995; we have been happily married since. We have had our struggles, but we survive the nuances and difficulties in life because of our faith in Jesus Christ. We have three kids, and that's just enough for us to handle. When life throws out tough curveballs, it will require you to define your faith in God, and establish your own groundwork to demonstrate it. I feel life is about choices. You always choose how happy you will be in any given circumstance.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon by choice...  Yes, I was born a member of the church, both of my parents were members and sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.  But I didn't remain a Mormon just because they were.  As a teenager, I fought against my parents, rebelled some, and started down what many call the wrong path.  I had friends who weren't members of the church, and they weren't good members of the community either. When I was 17, many of my older friends were preparing to leave on their missions, something I knew when I was younger I wanted to do.  At that point in my life I didn't know what to do.  I had some new friends, but I wasn't always happy.  I didn't feel right inside. If I was going to serve a mission I had to know if The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was the true church of God. I had lengthy talks with some friends, most didn't care about God, all they cared about was getting away from their controlling parents, and escaping the rules that were holding them back.  I too wanted freedom from others telling me what to do.  I found that freedom in reading the scriptures.  I read The Book of Mormon and took the words to heart.  I thought about the principles in the book and how they correlated with the Bible and Christianity.  In the last chapter of The Book of Mormon, Moroni 10 versus 3-4, I tested that promise, prayed and asked if the book was true.  As I knelt thinking about it, I remembered all the lessons I had in Sunday school, and how happy these lessons made me feel.  I knew that what I had read was true as my heart was beating, and I just felt happy inside.  Something I hadn't felt in a long time.  Now, looking back, I'm very thankful to my friends who helped push me to read and figure out for myself that the church was true.  And that following Jesus Christ was something that would help me find happiness in my life.

How I live my faith

One word: Service!  Seems service can cure all doubts, depressions, hate, quarrels, mend hurt feelings and show how much you love someone. The past decade hasn't been to nice to the Limburgs.  In 2000 my father died from a massive heart attack - he was 56, I was 28. In 2004, my youngest brother died from cancer, he was 21.  During his fight with cancer my older brother came to live with my mom to help my younger brother with his treatments. As families do, we all grew closer during this struggle.  We had some testimony building experiences, even with his passing.  In 2007, my older brother passed away from alcoholism.  He had fallen away from the church, and was a heavy drinker. I was blessed with the ability to fly up and spend time with him in the hospital, he spent 45 days in ICU before passing away.  In early 2009 I feel into a depression.  I've never felt that way before.  I felt ruined, like I had been left behind.  Though I had a wife and three loving children, I wasn't my normal happy self.  I came home from work, just to sit on the couch drowning myself in worthless hours of T.V.  I wasn't being the good father and husband I had set goals to be.  I was miserable and sad. My loving bishop recognized this and extended a calling to me.  To serve in the Church's youth organization as the president of the young men. Though I felt unqualified, I accepted the invitation to serve in the church.  This new calling required me to work hard, study the scriptures more, and it challenged my faith. As I served and worked hard I quickly felt better.   I no longer sulked and felt bad about myself. I felt the loving embrace of my Father in Heaven.  I even remembered advice my own father gave me as a scout.   I was no longer depressed. Providing simple acts of kindness to others has saved my life!