What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Richard

I raise a family and love watching my children grow. I'm a seeker of a slower pace of life. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a disabled Vet who moved from Utah to the Ozarks of Arkansas to find some peace and quiet. I'm married with five kids and wanted the kind of farm life for them that wasn't possible in Utah. I hope to plant a good garden and fruit trees, and possibly try a milk cow for a time. I love to read and learn.

Why I am a Mormon

I was adopted by Mormons when I was a baby and raised into the religion. I became truly converted to it after much prayer and receiving the confirmation from the Holy Ghost that this truly is the Lord's Church on the earth. While other churchs all have truth that they teach, this church is the ONLY true and correct Church on the earth. It is the only church which is guided by Jesus Christ himself. It isn't just a church that teaches about Christ, it was started by Him!

How I live my faith

Regular prayer. Regular study of the all prophetic writings - the scriptures. Looking for others whom I can serve. Spreading the message of the restoration and sharing my love of God with others. I do my best and left to God the rest.

How is the Book of Mormon different from the Bible? How did Joseph Smith obtain the “golden plates” or Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is different from the Bible in the same way that the New Testament is different than the Old Testament. They are written by different prophets who recount different events. They all testify of Christ and His dealings with men, but the Book of Mormon wasn't written by Israelite prophets, it was written by American prophets. There were people here in America who were looking forward to the Savior just as they were in Israel. These people had prophets among them who testified about the coming of Christ and taught the doctrines of the gospel. One of the last of these prophets, whose name was MORMON, compiled these teachings and stories into a book - the Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith, after being called as a prophet, was visited by an angel who showed him where to find the sacred text that Mormon compiled. He was directed and empowered by God to take the record, which was written on golden plates, and to translate it completely and accurately. Because the Book of Mormon has only gone through one translation (by Joseph Smith), without having to go through the politicized reviews of the Catholic Church, it is simpler to understand the doctrines of the Gospel in the Book of Mormon than it is in the Holy Bible. The Book of Mormon is also different from the Bible because it testifies of the truthfulness of Joseph Smith's calling as a prophet and it points to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as the only true church upon the earth. Knowing the Bible is true leads people to hundreds of different churches with varying doctrines. Knowing the Book of Mormon is true leads to only one church and one doctrine. Show more Show less

How can I find someone to talk with, in person, about the Mormon religion?

Go to this sites Homepage and at the very top click on Missionary Request. The missionaries are full time gospel teachers who will teach you more about Joseph Smith and the founding of the LDS Church, the restoration of the Gospel, the plan of salvation, and answer any questions you have. You can also go find the local church unit nearest to you. Either look in the telephone book or go to LDS.org and on the left had side of the page under 'Quick Links' click on the "find a meetinghouse" link. If you watch closely you might be able to find a couple of missionaries in your area! If you start asking your friends, you might also be surprised that some of them may be Mormons and you just didn't know it! Show more Show less

Who are the Mormons?

"Mormons" are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We are called Mormons because one of books of scripture we use is called the 'Book of Mormon.' Mormon was a man who lived in the Americas thousands of years ago. He was a prophet who knew that Jesus was the Savior and Redeemer of mankind. He compiled the testimonies and experiences of other prophets before him, added his testimony, and put them together into a book - The Book of Mormon. Early antagonists of church members used to call them 'Mormons' as an insult. But I would be proud to be a man such as Mormon was, so it is no shame to be called by his name any more than it is to be called by Christs. Show more Show less

What is the purpose of the welfare services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Christ spent his time lifting up the down trodden and strenghtening the weak. We cannot follow His example without finding within ourselves the desire to serve our fellowmen as He did. When we understand that He atoned for ALL men then we feel the swellings in our soul to serve those whom we can serve. If Christ found the poor begger worthy of His blood, is he not also worthy of my bread? If the homeless are worthy of His attention and affection, should we not also give of ourselves to see that they are comforted? Are efforts are to strengthen, uplift, comfort, to save. And through it all we continue the clarion call of prophets - Come unto Christ! For he is mighty to save. Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

We proselyte to fulfil the Lord's command in Mark 16:15 - Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. It is required of every Christian to declare the gospel of Christ unto those he comes in contact with and encourage them to come unto Him. We proselyte to all mankind to call them to repentence and faith in the Savior. We proselyte to non-christians to convince them of the divinity of Christ. We proselyte to other Christians because they need to know that Christ's church is again upon the earth. Show more Show less

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A "Testimony" is used by Mormons like it is used in a court of law - It is the things that you know to be true. It is the things that you have witnessed and can positively affirm to be accurate. A testimony will include sayings such as "I know that Jesus is the Christ" or "I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet" or "I know that families can be together forever." I say that I "know" these things because the Holy Ghost has confirmed to me that they are true. The witness of the Holy Ghost is more powerful even that the physical senses of touch or sight because it speaks directly to the spirit of a person and tells them the truth of all things. When a mormon says "I have a testimony of the gospel" it means they know that Jesus is the Christ, that he atoned for our sins, that he was resurrected, and that by following His example in all things we can achieve eternal life with our Heavenly Father. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

No. Only men between the ages of 19-26 years old. It is considered a priesthood obligation and they are counselled serve a full-time, two year mission. Even so, many men choose not to serve and can still maintain their membership in the church in good standing. But faithful men choose to dedicate the time to serve the Lord and their fellowmen by serving a full time mission. Sisters between the ages of 21-26 years old can volunteer to serve. Mature couples with no dependents can also volunteer to serve. While not required, a great many women and couples choose to serve because of their love of the Lord and the happiness that being in His service brings into their lives. Their are personal worthiness standards that must be met in order to serve a mission and any member who fails to keep those standards may find themselves unable to serve. Show more Show less

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

You can personally avoid it like the plague. Stay away from it and anything even resembling pornography. You can teach your family to stay away and encourage them to be wise in their entertainment choices. Let people know that you find it distasteful and filthy. You can write or sign petitions to local TV stations that air suggestive and sexual programming. If you are a parent, make sure that your computer(s) is in a public place in the house so that kids can't view pornography in the seclusion of their rooms - same goes for TV's! Show more Show less

Can husband and wife be together forever? Do you believe that families will live together in heaven?

Yes! Yes! YES! Part of the priesthood authority that the Savior has gifted to men is the ability to seal for time and for eternity. When a marriage is performed in the holy temple, the husband and wife are not only married "until death." Christ has given us the authority to marry people for "all eternity." In this way what is bound on earth is also bound in heaven. If the married couple stays true to their covenants (promises) then they will come forth in the resurrection as a married couple and will stay together forever! Show more Show less

Who founded Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

The Mormon Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) was founded by Jesus Christ himself. In 1820 He called upon Joseph Smith to be His prophet and spokesman upon the earth and to re-establish the church that He had founded during His mortal ministry. The original Church had been corrupted and lost during the period following the deaths of the Apostles, so Christ authorized Joseph Smith to reorganize the church, restore the priesthood, call and ordain new Apostles, offer saving ordinances such as baptism, reveal true doctrines that had been lost or corrupted, and to build new temples. Jesus Christ remains at the head and directs the work through the prophets, apostles, and other servants He calls today. Show more Show less

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

Here in Arkansas I get asked all of the time: How many wives do you have? I like to answer: Would YOU want more than one? The Church used to allow polygamy amonst the members but forbade it over 100 years ago. For some reason the stigma of "polygamists" has remained with us. But I'm not, and the Church doesn't allow it, and even if it did, WOULD you want more than one? Show more Show less

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

It's truthfulness! Show more Show less

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Yes! We have four books of scripture that we call the 'standard works.' The Holy Bible is always listed first in this list. It is a shining light in all the world and it clearly teaches the reality that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of mankind. The book that some people mistakenly call the "mormon bible" is called the Book of Mormon. It was written by ancient prophets just like the Bible was. These prophets weren't in Israel though, they were on the American continents. Their purpose for writing was the same purpose as the Israelite prophets - to testify of Christ. The Book of Mormon supports the Holy Bible and similarly testifies of the divinity of Jesus. It does not replace the Bible, it enhances it! Show more Show less