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Hi I'm Nick

I have a history of keeping to myself but here's an attempt to change that a bit. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

What can I say? It's so crazy to think that I'm a husband, married for over 8 years and a dad with 2 sons, ages 4 and 2. I guess I'll need to update this in a few months once we hit our 9 year anniversary. Or once our 4 year old turns 5! My life is my family. I work to provide for them. I enjoy what I do but I enjoy being at home with everyone quite a bit more! And I'm pretty sure they enjoy me being around them as well! If I were to include much else about who I am I would get into the random or occasional things I do. I play golf every 4 years. I'll play in a turkey bowl every 5. It's the family, that's what I do, I spend time with them and I love it more than anything else!

Why I am a Mormon

I don't get asked this question that much. Not sure the best way to answer it? Do I start with the beginning? Do I include what comes to my mind first? Do I try and think of the best thing to say in just a few words? I'm a Mormon because the thought of not being one would include me choosing to go against what I know to be true. Why would anyone choose to go against what they know to be true? To make a choice to do something else when you've already figured out the formula for happiness? It's centered around the Savior Jesus Christ. It's centered around having a loving Father in Heaven. And it's centered around learning the gospel of Jesus Christ and living by what I learn and then teaching my children along side an amazing wife so that when these kids grow up and move out on their own, they'll have the faith necessary to make choices that will bring them happiness. What can be any better than to see your child grow up and be a responsible teenager who's capable of making their own choices to be valiant followers of the Savior. To know that they have Him in mind as they go through out each day. Or to see them find a spouse that they can grow old with and be happy with and raise a family in righteousness with? How great would it be to see that happen!? I feel that following my beliefs will lead to just that! I look forward to the holiday events when I'm sitting on the couch next to Jessie with all of our kids and grandkids running around or talking and smiling or even arguing a bit! I am a Mormon because I understand what I want out of life and I know this gospel will allow me to achieve those things as I live according to what I know to be true. And to top all of this off, to truly know that this family relationship does not end at death. That our Father in Heaven created this family unit that we get to be apart of on this Earth and then still get to be apart of after this life. I could answer this question a thousand ways....but I think this is closest to what I think about the most.

How I live my faith

By being apart of any faith I imagine that most people care for those who you worship with. You develop a love for them. The more you worship with them the more you care for them. When you throw in serving them then that level of love grows even more. By being a Mormon we are given many opportunities to not only worship but to also serve in various ways. My responsibility right now is teaching Sunday school to 15 year old kids. I started a few weeks ago and I've already become so impressed with these guys! As I sit there with the lesson in front of me I want to say the perfect thing that could help these kids out during their week. Anyone who watches/reads the news knows that it's not easy being a kid. It's not easy to find yourself and do what you know to be right. I want to say something that can help them have the courage to do that in any situation. Whether it's sticking up for someone who's getting picked on or avoiding the things out there that can harm their relationship with their Savior. I only get an hour each week but that desire to say something that will stick with them grows each time. This is only one examply of how we can serve. It's best to serve as much as you can because as you do that you develop this love that you may not have had before. This life can be lonely if we think about ourselves all the time. There's not much reward in that. There's not much happiness in that. But when you can benefit someone else's life through service, you walk away smiling everytime!

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

The bible makes it clear, the gospel of Jesus Christ is worth sharing with as many people as possible. It's the way back to our Father in Heaven. The church has set up a program that allows missionaries to go out and share this gospel with the world! It's what Jesus himself would do if He were on the earth. He would go out and share the gospel. However, as with many things in the gospel, the sword cuts both ways. A young man or woman going out on a mission has the opportunity to change many lives through their service. But in addition to that, they're living in a way that brings them so much closer to their Savior. They read of Him, they testify of Him, and they bring people unto Him through teaching faith, repentance, and baptism. If anyone were to live this way for a few years they would find themselves understanding more fully the Savior and what He has done for us. Their faith would grow, their love would grow, and they would grow. Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

There are no tricks to increasing our faith. No short cuts to increasing our faith. The way to increase our faith in Jesus, I feel, is first of learning of Him. We have the scriptures that we can study from. And not just read them but really have some time set aside and get into the scriptures just like you would your favorite book (if your favorite is not classified as scripture). Read with an objective, to learn more of the Savior Jesus Christ. Try to figure out His attributes, who He is, what He taught and what His desires are. Read with questions in mind that you can be answered through the scriptures. After you read and understand more and more of what the scriptures teach of Jesus, act upon what you learn. If you determine that you are expected to make changes to your life, make those changes. That’s the very beginning of showing faith. That’s where you make the greatest leap. You read some things, now you want to try them out. If you stick to this plan you will see the blessings in your life roll in. You’ll feel greater happiness personally and in your home. From these results you’re faith will increase. It’s no longer necessary to make changes to your life hoping that you’ll receive the promised rewards (closer relationship with Jesus, being happier, etc) but you’ll almost expect them. But the real motivation to live a Christ centered life is not to receive these promised rewards, it will be you WANT to be more like Jesus. And the more and more you study of Him, the more you’ll know who He is. This is what makes it possible to try and be like Him. Knowing the Savior is what helps us the most. But reading scriptures alone is not enough. As you develop that relationship with Jesus through your studying of who He is and what he has taught us and done for us, you’ll shortly realize that your prayers will be so much more personal. Although we pray to our Father in Heaven, it is through Jesus Christ that allows our prayers to make it to our Father. Thus the reason we close our prayers saying, “in the name of Jesus Christ”. But as we develop this relationship and begin have meaningful prayers, your faith will increase more and more until it becomes something you can no longer deny. You will know that you have a Father in Heaven that loved us enough to send His Son Jesus Christ to die for us. But not only die for us but to leave with us His teachings and His example of how we should live. And not to even limit it at that, we also still have access to them through prayer. They are mindful of us and the heavens are not closed off. So to summarize: Read/study Exercise faith, follow through on what we read Pray, understand we can have a relationship with the Savior Show more Show less