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Hi I'm Chris Arick

I'm a college professor and chiropractic physician. I do research on what makes the body healthy. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I like to exercise and train for triathlons. I like to do research and speak to others about what makes the body healthy and unhealthy. I am married and have three daughters. Most of the time I teach and train students that want to be chiropractic physicians. On my off time I would like to be more active and become healthier myself. I have some goals about teaching, academic leadership, advancing the profession of chiropractic medicine and research, but time is always difficult to manage to accomplish many of my goals. I try to spend time with my family as much as I can because that is where I gain most of my happiness. Family, work and play are a juggle to balance, but my family and friends understand that my intentions are genuine whatever I may do.

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the church when I was 20 years old when I was going to school at Indiana University. Two missionaries came to my door and had an appointment with my roommate. My roommate was never home and I always answered the door. Two, three, or four times the missionaries came for appointments and no roommate, The last time the missionaries came and there was not a roommate to be found, the missionaries said, "Well, we have an hour to kill, can we teach you?" I remember looking at their name tags and knowing that they were okay. The came in and told me who they were and we had a discussion about church. The next time they came by they told me about the New and Old Testament and about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. An unlikely story but nonetheless when the missionaries told me Joseph's story, knew that this was something that I should listen to and that it should occupy my attention. I had already received a Book of Mormon from the missionaries and they had asked me to read the beginning and a few other verses. I had never really liked church but this seemed relaxed and without pressure. I attended church and met members of the church that went to the university. I prayed about the teaching of the church and if the Book of Mormon was from God. The witness that I received was true and was nothing that I can ever go against. When times may make it easy to say that God does not matter and I should follow people to lie and deceit, I remember the message and truth God sent to me and how God loved me so much that he would want me to hear about his church. Some of the worldly ways that we are sometimes lead do not have importance in our lives. Sometimes opportunities are set before us to take if they are true and benefit others. I love what I do and it brings me joy to teach others about what makes me happy. I try and find joy in the simple things in my daily life, teaching, learning, laughing and searching.

How I live my faith

In church I coordinate and schedule the meetings and interviews of the bishop. I try my hardest to organize his life with the church so that his time is effective and easy as possible. I am also responsible for visiting families and making sure their needs are met and to be a resource for moments that they are in need. I attend church almost every Sunday. At times, my position at the university takes me to Chicago, New York, or Charlotte, but there is always a church nearby that will gladly let me inside. I think it is sometimes difficult to live my faith, but I believe by being strong spiritually that it is a good defense things that make distract us from our goals. Preparation with prayer, scriptures, and my church family help to know that God wants the best for us and always leads us to righteous things.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Chris Arick
The Church help anyone in need in the United States and internationally. Some missionaries have the purpose of not teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ but by giving service in other ways just as Christ made that example. I know the church members do not hesitate to help for many instances when it needed after storms and natural disasters. Show more Show less